Accessorize Your Natural Hair


One of the most common complaints I get from my fellow Afrobellas is this:

Bella, I’m bored with my hair! What can I do with it?

So, so much. If you’re not into twists, twist-outs, cornrows, up-dos or frohawks, you can do what I always do… keep it simple and rock a stunning hair accessory. Here are some recent discoveries. And head’s up – this post ends with a special giveaway! So read on!

Andrea’s Beau specializes in very feminine designs, the kind of thing you can wear to a tea party, a dinner date, or even on your wedding day. I’ve always been a bit too restrained for flowers, but there’s something really whimsical and pretty about their gardenia silk that I really like.

For bellas looking for this sort of thing, Andrea’s Beau has a special offer — when you make a purchase of $50.00 or more and during check out put “50” in the comments section — you will receive a confirmation email containing a $25 gift certificate code which can be applied to any future purchase within 90 days of confirmation e-mail. If you’d like to apply the $25 gift certificate to the current order, add “apply GC now” to the promotion code. (Please note, the $25 deduction will not appear on their online transaction but will be reflected on their invoice. If paid by Paypal, a refund for the $25 gift certificate will be sent in the form of a check along with their order, says Andrea.)

Got all that? Whew. If you buy yourself one of these headbands, let me know your thoughts. I haven’t yet reviewed them.

But in bright and cheery news from a brand I have reviewed (and LOVE) — PeaceImages, my sisters with locs and sisterlocs can now find a few precious items to adorn their hair. These are specially designed for sisterlocs.


There are many imitators, but only ONE original Tomoka’s Twists — made by Carmen straight outta NC. I’ve been lucky enough to review both her hair ties and twists, and I must say they’re truly awesome for natural hair in its various, glorious forms. The ties are great for sisterlocs or other kinds of locs, or for bellas with longer hair. The ties work best for my length and shorter hair, to pull it back and keep it off your face with style. I love the versatility of Tomoka’s Twists. Check out the many ways bellas have worn Luxurious, one of the flyest Tomoka’s Twists out!


And finally, giveaway time! Through Twitter, I met a new jewelry designer on the scene — Sarenzo Beads. She makes bracelets, necklaces, and earrings — and I’m feeling her beaded headbands! Look how cute that little girl looks wearing hers. Awwww.

These are the perfect example of a product that looks simple enough on the web, but is more impressive in person. They’re lightweight, flexible, and fit like a beaded tiara. Here’s me, rocking one of them. $15 — but three lucky readers can get one right here on Afrobella for free!

How can you win? Visit Sarenzo Beads website, and choose your headband of choice. Then tell me in the comments which one you’d like. It’s as simple as that!

I’ll close these comments Monday, or when I get 50 comments. Whichever comes first — then randomly choose 3 winners. May the luckiest bella win!

Edited Tuesday August 4 — so I closed the comments later than I planned. Now to pick a winner! Thanks for entering, bellas!

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  1. Love love love Tomoka’s Twists and Ties! Going to order a new one from her this weekend!

    I’ve definitely struggled with loving my hair before TTs – I had never accessorized my nappy naps so I was bored!

    Ok Bella – hook ME up! My fave Sarenzo Beads headband is … the Caramel Sun headband.

  2. Thanks for all the hair inspiration. I LOVE the Cream & Black Sarenzo Beads headband. :)

  3. I like the mimi headband!

  4. I love these headbands. They are such a great idea. I especially love the Cream & Black headband.

  5. Major thanks for all the suggestions. I happen to love the Brown Wood headband!

  6. I LOVE the Velvet Star!!

  7. And for the Sarenzo Beads, I like the Blue and Cream! People are so clever. :)

  8. Yes I’m definitely struggling with the ‘bored with my hair’ syndrome. Can’t flat twist, can’t do cornrows. All I have to fall back on are my twist outs. Something tells me I should blame my parents for not letting me play with dolls, hehe.
    But before I go into a full-on rant, let me stop and say my fav Sarenzo Bead is the bright rainbow headband. It’s so puurrddyy. Ok, ok I’m done :)

  9. I would LOOOVE the Orange Zen head band. This summer has been one of sunsets and amythest.

  10. I’ve been very bored with my hair lately, after wearing the same easy style for two years now. I’d love the Cream & Brown Twisted Headband. Thanks!

  11. I like the cream and black headband. I think it would finish off a lot of nice looks.

  12. I love the Light Vixen Headband!

  13. BELLA! I love love love the Sarenzo Beads headband. I would love to be the lucky recipient of one of these bands beause I have recently started wearing my hair back and would love to show off the beauty that is these beaded headbands. I can’t just pick one!!! I like them ALL!!!!

  14. Hey Bella,
    Its my first post! I’ve been reading for a long time and I think you’re just great! I don’t have alot of hair accessories and I would love to have the Touch of the jungle headband in my life. :)

  15. Melissa says:

    I love Andrea’s Beau headbands! It is hard for me to choose which one to get! I do think some of them are expensive but I can tell the hair accessories are of good quality. I also love the headbands for evenings.

  16. 2bnatural says:

    I was torn between cream n black and the light vixen. But I have to go with the light vixen.
    I love the way you are always promoting different businesses. keep up the good work!

  17. I absolutely adore those silk flower headbands. Very feminine and romantic. :)

  18. I loveeeee the Light Vixen Headband!

    Its perfect for everyday wear and will go with almost anything.

  19. naturalglolady says:

    I really adore Carmel Sun.
    I think it would match my skin tone nicely. Thanks and good luck to the others.

  20. my favorite is the Dark Rainbow Headband (love the Love Loc Jewel too)


  21. I really like the cream and brown headband. You know the one with the brown spheres. SO CUTE!

  22. warrior11209 says:

    My daughter and I LUV our Tomoka Twists- they make styling our locs easy especially in this summer heat. PLUS – Carmen has excellent customer service!! A big thing for me.
    I am really feelin’ the Caramel Sun beaded headband.
    Have a great weekend.

  23. Bella this is right on time!!!!! My girlfriends were just telling me I need to accessorize my fro now that it is longer!!!

    I’m feeling that cream and black headband!!!! I could use it for my fro or even with twists..

  24. I like the Cream & Black Sarenzo Beads headband.
    Thanks so much!

  25. curlybean says:

    Love, love, love the post! With all my thick hair I can’t wear many accessories and this post gave me some great options! And I am diggin’ the carmel sun headband.

    Thank you Bella!!

  26. I like the Pink & Green Headband, for the obvious “skee-weezons.!”

  27. I like the dark vixen. I have a dress that really would like to to be accompanied by that headband.

  28. I love the caramel sun! I need something that is a go-to for everyday.

  29. Bellidansa says:

    I happen to be a fan of both Tomokas Twists and SarenzoBeads !!

    These talented women produces wonderful hair products…..and they work well together as persons.

    I am so loving the Saraha Love headband by Sarenzo beads

    I soo love her stuff !!!

  30. I often feel bored with my hair. While I can’t during work hours, after work or on the weekends, I love to rock a yellow flower in my hair. It’s become my summer trademark.
    Most headbands tend to give me a headache, so I avoid them. And unfortunately, I’m too lazy to play with clips and pins and try new styles. I’ll have to change that.

  31. This post is right on time! Recently cropped my hair and need new accessories to liven up what’s turned out to be a rather boring ‘do.

    Oh, and I’d *LOVE* the dark rainbow headband!

  32. It’s a toss up between the Light Vixen and the Cream and Black for me. All of them are quite stunning! I was looking at them just the other day after a tweet from Carmen.

  33. Starchild says:

    Thank you for the 411, Bella!

    The Andrea’s Beau pieces are lovely. There is something very romantic and very “The Great Gatsby/Midsummer Night’s Dream” about them.

    As for the Sarenzo beads, I love the pop of colors in the Natural Rainbow!


  34. My little bella would love the Bright Rainbow headband! Thanks :)

  35. whitesnake says:

    The cream and black could accentuate any outfit! Thanks for the freebie!

  36. I love the beaded headbands. They are so cute. I have been looking for new ways to tie my hair back. Thanks!

  37. These are beautiful but unfortunately all rigid headbands give me a headache. I accessorize with scarves a lot for that reason.

  38. Andrea Williams says:

    I love the Handmade Headband: Light Vixen Headband

    Thanks Bella,

  39. Hey Bella! I Love the cream and brown twisted headband. Love the site and the giveaways!!! Give’s us naturals on a budget a chance to try new things!

  40. Danielle says:

    I LOVE the Natural Vixen Headband! The beads earthy and feminine looking, and the neutral color seems like it would work with almost any outfit. It seems like which ever Sarenzo Bead headband a girl chooses she can’t go wrong.

  41. I love the Mimi headband. Even if I don’t win one, I’m getting that one anyway. :D

  42. Spiral Moon says:

    I love the Touch of the Jungle handband. The Andrea’s Beau handbands are absolutely beautiful.

  43. Kudos to you, Afrobella! I am honestly one who is saying that I’m tired and need a fresh twist to my hair until it grows out a little more. I love the Brown Wood headband. btw!

  44. Paula Rettenmaier says:

    I have to say that I’ve completely fallen for the Light Vixen Headband. Love the combo of the cream and brown beads. It would go perfect, with a professional work piece, but I could also rock it with a hip pair of jeans. But all of the Sarenzo Beads designs, are fantastic!

  45. LotusDoll says:

    Wow! Mimi’s headband is adorable and my pick but its a tough choice to make – really nice pieces on her site! Boy do I need something for my hair, its boring and wanting to keep it out of my face is becoming a challenge. I’ve been clipping and pinning and banding but I can’t appreciate it when I look into the mirror. Thanks for providing access to such creative variety!

  46. I love the Brown Wood Headband because it compliments my skin tone and will look fantastic with my Shea Butter is my friend t-shirt.

    I also love TT!

  47. Very cute! While simple, I also love the bra strap headband! Thanks for the new ideas to change it up!!

  48. I love the Caramel Sun headband from Sarenzo Beads!

    I love headbands and hair accessories. They spice things up a bit.

  49. kIMBERLY says:

    I would like: Cream & Black Handmade Headband

  50. I love the dark vixen headband bead. I love it because it matches most of the clothes I have in the closet. Most of my clothes are earthtone colors. Plus brown complements everyone!

  51. That Light Vixen headband is the new hotness!!!! My hair is uber-thick, so I need something that is going to stand out in all these luscious naps! Thanks for putting me on to SarenzoBeads – the other items listed there are beautiful as well.

  52. Curlmanea says:

    I SO NEEDED this post!! I need to re-energize my curl enthusiasm. I’ve recently relocated to the Virgin Islands – far, far away from my trusted and beloved Miss Jessies salon. My hair is paying a steep price for the abrupt climate change. Pulling it back was a boring, but inevitable solution. These suggestions may be just what I need to revitalize what was quickly becoming a lost cause! BTW – I LOVE the Mother Earth headband! – MW aka Curlmanea!

  53. I’m just dropping by to say that I sincerely appreciate the support and kind words.

    I’ve visited everyone’s sites and there is so much creativity and so many beautiful things to get! I wish you all continued success and happiness.

    I am so happy for Sarah of SarenzoBeads. I had the pleasure of meeting her and also did a vendor event with her. She is a creative, generous, charming, and hard-working woman. I’m proud of you!

  54. Naturalme72 says:

    I thought this would be easy but it’s so hard to choose just one…I love them all!!! But I think the Touch of the Jungle would be my most Fav. I’m luvin the Earthtone colors!

  55. Jwrightfornow says:

    I love love love love these headbands. they are so pretty i think my favorite is the susan headband I love flowers

  56. Luv your website. I like the Touch of the Jungle Headband. Thanks for posting information of different hair accessories.

  57. What a coincidence! I was just talking to Sarenzo Beads on Twitter when she told me that she named three of her headbands after me! Her newest creation is gorgeous – it is fuchsia and dark brown – and I have to have it! This is a wonderful giveaway!

  58. My daughter loves the Susan flower headband ! Please ! She’s cryn’ buckets ova here ! Don’t make a little girl cry !! :D

  59. All of these hair accessories are so beautiful. Mimi and Sarah are my internet buddies and both are a great inspiration. Way to go ladies!

    I like all of the colorful rainbow headbands, but especially the dark rainbow. They are so happy and bright. I would love to throw one of them on to match my “happy day” moods.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Haven’t been able to make the Tomoka’s Twists work for me so far. I won’t try the ties because they remind me of the Brunsli accessories and something about the long bead used as the closure looks very bush league. Maybe if instead of a bead it was a clasp it would look better.

    The hair accessories search continues….


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