Every day, in so many facets of my life, I realize what an honor and a privilege it was to be born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago. My island republic is small, but the diversity and richness of our culture is undeniable and strong. It is the definition of a melting pot. Black, Indian, Chinese, Latin, Caucasian – all together as one, celebrating each other’s traditions.

Today is the holiday for Eid al-Fitr, the feast and celebration that marks the end of Ramadan. Traditionally on this day, my family would make the trip out to visit our closest Muslim friends, for a feast like none other. Roti, a variety of curried meats and veggies, Indian sweets (yummmmm) and of course, sawine – a thick porridge like drink made with milk and vermicelli. Even more nourishing than the food, was the sense of family love and unity in the room. To my Muslim friends around the world, Eid Mubarak — enjoy this blessed day!

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SanMan says:
September 21, 2009, 12:56 pm
eid mubarak to you and yours
HijabiApprentic says:
September 21, 2009, 1:29 pm
What a nice post! Eid Mubarak to you. I hope you have a Muslim family you can visit to get your feast on with :).
Sana says:
September 21, 2009, 4:23 pm
Happy Eid and thank you for the lovely post! :)
pets says:
September 21, 2009, 7:57 pm
Eid Mubarak to you too. Also Thursday is our 33rd year of being a Republic so it's another hoilday. I will let you know when Divali is - should be about 17 October.
Aisha says:
September 22, 2009, 8:23 pm
I'm hungry now!
Jamerican Muslimah says:
September 23, 2009, 7:10 pm
Thank you. Ramadan Kareem.
UmmAmirah says:
October 1, 2009, 12:14 pm
Awww how sweet. Eid Kareem. Trinidad is the perfect example of a MELTING POT!! Big ups to YOU, your fellow trini's and the EID feast!!
Helen Vosper says:
May 12, 2013, 12:02 pm


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