I love hosting giveaways, but it’s so rare that I actually get to see the winners enjoying what they won!


Just this last week, two Afrobella readers — Brightstarr82 and Nina — won tickets to the Lexus Listening Lounge. At the time I couldn’t reveal details of the performers. But now I can — Ryan Leslie!

From what I hear, the winners had a blast. Here’s Brightstarr82 and Celena of Strictly Fab looking tres chic at the event!

Celena got an up close and personal pic with Ryan Leslie, and Nina — where you at?? E mail me and I’ll add your undoubtedly gorgeous photo as well.


More on Ryan Leslie and Hal Linton’s style, courtesy of Strictly Fab, under the jump!

What are your style influences?

Ryan Leslie: I’ve always liked Tom Ford. And really for style…there’s really no influence in my style. People in general…different cultures that I’ve visited around the world..that’s what’s influenced my style. There are a lotta of designers that I like who are my personal friends, like Dsquared, but really at the the end of the day, every time that I talk to them about style, they’ve always told me to be myself and express myself through what I wear.

Hal Linton: My influences are, I mean, I’m really big on graphics stuff, I love the whole idea of big graphic things, and colors, and shapes, and architecture. I like to keep it funky and comfortable.

How does Lexus Luxury Awaits campaign relate to what and how you do it?

Ryan Leslie: Luxury is something that, really, many times is the product of hard work. It’s something that we afford to ourselves, a level of comfort, a level of excess, so to speak, that we work hard to attain, or that maybe someone in our family works hard to attain and lessons down onto us. So that’s why I think that when Lexus says Luxury Awaits, it means that if you work hard, you are able to reap the benefits of your hard work and then you can treat yourself to luxury, you know?

Hal Linton: I mean, Lexus is a sexy brand and I love what they are doing. I love what they were doing before with their sound. The sound in the cars is like amazing. I think when people define Lexus, Lexus is like this cool sexy thing. I want to be part of it.

I LOVE hosting giveaways, and I LOVE knowing you enjoy winning them. So I’m gonna keep this goodness going! Glad y’all had fun!

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ceecee says:
October 9, 2009, 4:50 pm
They look super duper cute!


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