The Body Shop’s 12 Days of Giveaways!

I’d definitely love the five golden rings, but the rest of the 12 Days of Christmas gifts? You can keep em!
What would you even do with all those maids-a-milking and lords-a-leaping, not to mention all those birds?

This holiday season, there’s a new spin on the classic holiday song. Instead of 12 Days of Christmas, The Body Shop is offering 12 Days of Giveaways. And I’m day #9!

Do you wanna win a specially packaged prize set of bath and body goodies valued at least $100? Or enter to win $1200 of The Body Shop’s finest offerings?

Of course you do!


The prize package you can win right here by leaving a comment is truly delish. It includes:

Merry Cranberry Body Butter
Merry Cranberry Lip Balm
Nutmeg & Vanilla Body Butter
Nutmeg & Vanilla Body Scrub
Nutmeg & Vanilla Lip Balm
Black Velvet Apricot Body Butter
Black Velvet Apricot Shower Nectar
Black Velvet Apricot Lip Balm
and the Merry Aromas holiday reed diffuser gift pack.

That nutmeg and vanilla stuff sounds DELICIOUS and the Black Velvet Apricot — to die for!

One lucky winner from the United States will win this wicked prize pack. All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me: which fragrance best describes your holiday style? What makes you a Merry Cranberry chica, a Black Velvet Apricot bella, or a Nutmeg and Vanilla mama? I love knowing how you celebrate the season! I’ll close these comments on Friday morning and choose a winner at random.

Don’t forget to click here to enter for the grand prize of $1,200 worth of Body Shop products!

Good luck, bellas!!

**edited Friday at 11:00 – comments are closed! I’ll choose a winner ASAP. And keep reading – next week is GREAT for giveaways!

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  1. Jessica A says:

    I am for sure a nutmeg and vanilla, or any other scent that is warm and cozy!

  2. I think Nutmeg & Vanilla Body Butter best describes my holiday style! This scent is warm, sweet and reminds me of wearing fun comfy sweaters and long socks to keep warm.

    The scent also makes you want to be warm, but sexy. I think the nutmeg in it bring out the true sense of a sexy mama!

  3. I am definately a nutmeg and vanilla kinda gal!

  4. Cranberry all the way!!! Nothing says holidays more than Cranberry to me! Such a pretty scent!

  5. Merry Cranberry all the way!

  6. I am totally nutmeg and vanilla…I love eggnog and those two scents together remind me of the holiday season! yummy!

  7. love me some nutmeg and vanilla my best flvors

  8. I like the Black Velvet Apricot because it reminds me of the black velvet dresses my sister and I wore on Christmas day as children.

  9. nutmeg and vanilla! yum!

  10. I’m a Vanilla & Nutmeg girl: soft and warm but a little spicy and nutty!

  11. Selena Meadows says:

    Nutmeg and Vanilla reminds me of sweets baking in the oven; and that is one of my favorite holiday tradtions!

  12. I would say the Cranberry one!

  13. Since I’m a DIVA-in-training, I’ll pick Black Velvet Apricot. It sounds beautiful! Truthfully, all of them sound yummy!

  14. I’m a nutmeg & vanilla bella.. since this is the time of year I’m brewing up a few batches of ponche cream and bringing in the cheer for my family

  15. I’m totally a Black Velvet Apricot…because I love elegance (velvet), but I also have a cheery bright side to me (apricot). Thanks for hosting!

  16. I’m a smooth operator type gal, so I think I’m more like the Black Velvet Apricot, since this scent and name reminds of smoothness!
    I love the Body Shop, I hope I can have a chance at winning for this unluckymrsmom~me.
    LOL ~ I missed all of your great giveaways and I’m a subscriber to your rss feeds. Shoot!
    brownatural at gmail dot com

  17. Although I’d love to say Black Velvet….cause it sounds sexy as all get out….I have to say that Merry Cranberry describes my holiday style because I’m a holiday baby! My birthday is on December 23rd and I feel like I can celebrate for the entire month because it’s MY month. LOL What other scent says CELEBRATION as much as MERRY CRANBERRY!

  18. Nutmeg and vanilla; the vanilla is sweet and soft and the nutmeg adds just a touch of spice; sounds like a holiday with the family to me.

  19. Oh, I love Nutmeg and Vanilla! It delicately represents the holidays spirit! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  20. Definitely Nutmeg & Vanilla. It sums up the holiday feeling: warm, cozy & subtly spicy;)

  21. Debra Jacobs says:

    The Black Velvet Apricot Body Butter sounds yummy!! :)

  22. I’d say my holiday style is Nutmeg and Vanilla. It’s warm and cozy, which is exactly what I feel like during the holidays bundled up inside with friends and family :)

  23. Black Velvet Apricot. But i also love scents like Pomegranate, Cranberry and Pine as seasonal holiday scents ;)

  24. Lunachique says:

    It all sounds so wonderful but the black velvet apricot sounds incredibly sensuous!

  25. Nutmeg and vanilla,for certain.
    Smells like dessert-if I smell it maybe I won’t eat it!

  26. RacerGirl1313 says:

    I’m a Merry Cranberry chica! Although I have smelled them all at the store and they are all wonderful smelling! Thanks for the contest.

  27. I’m going to have to say Nutmeg & Vanilla too. I actually have a candle of that burning right now!

  28. I think the Vanilla and Nutmeg would describe my Christmas style. Comforting with a dash of spiciness

  29. Suthungal says:

    It’s gotta be Nutmeg and Vanilla ‘cuz they’re major ingredients in holiday desserts like yummy pies and drinks like eggnog. MMMMM. Plus they smell great! Remember how on The Beverly Hillbillies, Granny used to put vanilla behind her ear?

  30. Hi Bella!

    I’m definitely a nutmeg & vanilla woman. Warm and sensual. That’s me.

  31. Nutmeg and Vanilla — because I am both spicy and sweet!!

  32. I think Nutmeg and Vanilla because I love to cook AND eat….major sweet tooth!! I’ll be making cookies soon and I use vanilla in most of them :) Thanks for the chance at these products!

  33. naturallyyours says:

    I am definitely a nutmeg and vanilla girl. I like any fragrance that is warm and sweet, just like me!

  34. cranberry. Sweet and tart.

  35. Definitely nutmeg & vanilla…

  36. Definitely Black Velvet Apricot. Very mysterious with a hint of fruit!

  37. Nutmeg & vanilla. Smooth, silky & strong! Nutmeg gives the vanilla a subtle sexiness & that’s me!

  38. Nutmeg and vanilla so I can be a spicy chica!
    Happy Holidays!

  39. Black Velvet Apricot Lip Balm cuz when I kiss my man he falls to his knees and belts out
    “Black velvet and that little boy’s smile
    Black velvet with that slow southern style
    A new religion that’ll bring ya to your knees
    Black velvet if you please…”

  40. Nutmeg and vanilla definitely! :) reminds me of christmas! and i use vanilla body spray all winter… haha only winter. i can’t use it during the summer! that sould be crazyy.

  41. Totally cranberry. The real deal only makes and appearance this time of the year and it makes me feel so festive!

  42. I’ll say the cranberry because I LOVE the scent of cranberries and red just screams Christmas to me. And for the first time in a really long time I’m actually in the Christmas spirit. So Merry Cranberry.

  43. def nutmeg n vanilla..i feel warm

  44. Roshanne Gabrielle says:

    Im more of a Nutmeg & Vanilla person…love those scents…reminds me of my ingredients when im baking!!! Happy Holidays Everyone!!

  45. Cranberry. Tart and fruity haha :D

  46. Definitely the Cranberry! Cranberries are a staple holiday dessert, garnish, sauce! My family loves it when I make it fresh and I get asked to make it around each winter holiday. The Cranberry scent from The Body Shop is awesome! Whenever I walk past the store in the mall, it’s the first smell my nose instantly picks up.

  47. Black Velvet Apricot for sure.. Sophisticated, sensual, luscious and oh-so decadent with a festive twist. Not to mention it has heart – boasting five community trade ingredients that give a little back to the farmers and co-operatives that work so very hard to bring us their finest ingredients. Packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin E and powerful anti-oxidants, this is definitely the healthiest indulgence you will make this holiday season!

  48. The Black Velvet Apricot… mmm! Warm and luscious.

  49. Well, I’m not a traditional holiday kind of girl, so I have to go with Black Velvet Apricot. Not only am I intrigued by the name, I also love apricots. As I come into my own as a young woman, I realize that I tend to go for the unusual and the unique. I am looking forward to mixing it up for the holidays this year and that scent will definitely come in handy!

  50. I’m Merry Cranberry. Every year my mom and I made cranberry citrus loaf bread. The smell of cranberries around the holidays is the smell around my house (mostly because of that bread). But cranberry in general is the fruit that reminds me of christmas. The deep red color is perfect for the holidays! I hope I win this prize because ALL the scents are wonderful holiday scents!

  51. I absolutely love Merry Cranberry! It’s sweet, tangy, and 100% me! Every year during the holidays, my father and I make a cranberry pie. It’s so delicious…just like all of the holiday scents at the Body Shop this season!

  52. solielchocolat says:

    I would say the scent that describes me is the nutmeg vanilla fragrance because it reflects what I love about the holiday season such as sweatshirt weather (or in the case of living in the midwest, jacket scarves and mittens weather) and snuggled up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. For some strange reason, I love wearing edible scents in the winter months!

  53. Nutmeg and Vanilla body scrub sounds delicious!

  54. nutmeg and vanilla for me all the way. yey!!!

  55. Deanna G. says:

    I’m definitely nutmeg & vanilla!

  56. Definitely a nutmeg and vanilla girl. The scent is so warm and comforting and reminds me of the holidays even when its the middle of summer ^_^

  57. I’m definitely a Merry Cranberry girl- red is my color, especially during the holidays.

  58. I’m all about the black velvet apricot. All of them sound delish though. I hope I win!


  59. I’m going to have to join the majority and say Nutmeg Vanilla describes me best. A little bit sweet and a little bit spicy!! Love The Body Shop!!!

  60. I’m a nutmeg & vanilla gal! I love Vanilla, it is the perfect mix of sweet and sexy (like me lol)

  61. Sarah Patton says:


  62. I am a Cranberry bella! Love craisins for their sweetness and sometimes I like to think I’m sweet lol :0)

  63. nutmeg and vanilla describes me!

  64. i say “Merry Cranberry” for me!! :) this scent reminds me of the holiday season…and how fun it is to be with friends and family :D

  65. Hannah Malcolm says:

    I would have to say Nutmeg & Vanilla because vanilla is one of my favorite scents.

  66. Cranberry best describes me. Its the best in the winter months.

  67. Nutmeg and vanilla! I can smell it!

  68. It’s winter, it’s time for coziness and nothing makes me feel cozier than a cuddle-up scent. So, for me, Nutmeg and Vanilla fills the bill!

  69. Stephanie says:

    Anything that smells of vanilla is perfect for me for the holidays as it makes me feel warm and cozy.

  70. Nutmeg and vanilla best describe my holiday style.

    Its like a nice warm loving feeling. Relaxation, warmth and coziness. It feels safe. Just sitting there taking in the fragrance makes me happy in the sense that the fragrance just gives me comfort, especially during the holidays, it changes the whole ambiance of the room

  71. I’m a nutmeg and vanilla kind of girl. I always use nutmeg when I make french toast on cold, winter mornings and I have a feeling this year will be another white Christmas in WA.

  72. DarknLovely1913 says:

    That Black Velvet Apricot body Butter sounds so awesome! I love any kind of body butter for my eczema prone skin.

  73. Nutmeg and Vanilla definitely describes my holiday style – it’s warm and inviting. Gives a nice aura without being overwhelming!

  74. Ashley C. says:

    I am definitely a Merry Cranberry chica! Cranberry scents just scream “holidays!!!” to me. It’s festive, tart, and remind me of good times with friends and family. :D

  75. I think the fact that I love to bake Christmas cookies makes me a Nutmeg and Vanilla Mama! Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. Though I haven’t yet tried the Nutmeg and Vanilla scent, I’m sure I’ll love it. I love the scent of vanilla and love most spices, and this combination makes me think of one of my favorite cookies that I make each year for the holidays – snickerdoodles!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  77. The fragrance that best describes my holiday style, is Merry Cranberry.

    That’s because I too am sweet and fruity just like this delicious seasonal scent.

  78. It has to be the Black Velvet Apricot. So luxurious!!!!

  79. Kaitlyn W. says:

    I love nutmeg and vanilla! I just love smelling like baked goods and having everyone think I’m sneaking cookies around in my purse all day. AND!!– it’s calorie free to smell cookies all day long!

  80. I’m a Merry Cranberry chica!

  81. I love citrus scents, perhaps cause I live in Florida? So I am most definitely a Black Velvet Apricot girl. It smells heavenly! Not really Christmasy, but who cares. But when I feel like smell warm and cozy, their Nutmeg and Vanilla scent is the way to go! That really makes me think of the holidays!

  82. I would be a vanilla and nutmeg mama. I love the smell of vanilla. It’s warm and cozy. Comfortable like home. And the nutmeg adds the right amount of spice. Very much like me.

  83. definitely a black velvet apricot.
    Velvet is warm and smooth but can cause chaffing if rubbed the wrong way.
    Apricot, smells nice, is sweet but has a little bit of tangyness to it which lets you know dont let the smooth taste fool you.
    it describes me perfectly.

  84. I would say that I’m a nutmeg and vanilla mama because I’m always baking and the warm smell of delicious vanilla is often present when baking cookies and whatnot. Cozy, warm, sugary, DELICIOUS!

  85. Most definitely nutmeg and vanilla. It symbolizes warmth and I am definitely that!

  86. Billie Jo says:

    My favorite Body Shop holiday scent is Merry Cranberry… smells so good!

  87. Cranberry has been my favorite holiday scent for years; I only wish they’d release it more often than just once a year.

  88. This is a hard one b/c I love fruity scents but since you did say “holiday style”, I have to go with nutmeg and vanilla. Nutmeg makes me think of sweet spiciness in desserts and my family and vanilla b/c of the sweet innocence of children that is seen in their eyes on Christmas. :)

  89. which fragrance
    best describes your holiday style?
    I love Merry Cranberry

    What makes you a Merry Cranberry chica, a Black Velvet Apricot
    bella, or a Nutmeg and Vanilla mama?
    Vanilla mama makes me think of sweetness

  90. Nutmeg and Vanilla mama sounds so good. It sounds really warm and sweet. Perfect for the holiday.

  91. Nutmeg and Vanilla all the way!

    It’s mouthwatering and reminds you of christmas dinner <3 Perfect for the hols!

  92. Black Velvet Apricot!!! OMG I can smell it already lol

    I would love to have a body butter smelling like this.

  93. I’d say nutmeg and vanilla, since I’m always baking around Christmas.

  94. I’m definitely nutmeg and vanilla, because I stay sweet and keep my cool during the holiday season.

  95. I think I am a merry cranberry because I am usually happy and in a good mood!!

  96. Nutmeg & Vanilla for me! 2 of the ingredients in my favorite recipe for this time of the year, Guinness Gingerbread. I have a foolproof recipe if you want it.

    Thanks for all of the hard work that goes into your blog!

  97. I’d have to pick Nutmeg & Vanilla. It sounds like a warm, sweet scent that’s perfect for this time of year~

  98. Mm. I’d have to say “Merry Cranberry”! One, because the name itself is kind of happiness-inducing, and it sounds really cheerful–something that I try to display most of the time! And also, because the scent is really sweet and fruity at the same time, heh!

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway :)!

  99. Jeannine Hendricks says:

    Nutmeg vanilla- smooth comforting, witnh alittle spice ;o)

  100. definitely vanilla because it smells so warm and cozy!

  101. Definitely the nutmeg and vanilla for me. Those scents bring sweet holiday memories.

  102. I like to steal booty whenever I can. Also, I haven’t posted on my blog in over 2 years. This might just be enough to give whatever blog friends I have left a good dose of holiday (false) hope. Arrrr!

  103. Cranberry because I love tart fruity scents!

  104. I’m a Nutmeg and Vanilla mama. I love the smell of Vanilla

  105. The “Black Velvet Apricot” is all me. Delicious!!!

  106. I’d love to try the Vanilla Nutmeg it sounds scrumptious.

    misty_labean yahoo com

  107. I love eating cranberry sauce on the holidays so Merry Cranberry is for me!

  108. Nutmeg and vanilla – yum. Spices and baking and warm things.

  109. I’ll choose Black Velvet Apricot, because I love fruit.
    Thank you!

  110. vanilla and nutmeg all the way! i just love vanilla and nutmeg i feel will complement vanilla that will make me exude holiday cheer! :-D

  111. I am for sure a Merry Cranberry chica…it is not too sweet and has just the right amount of tartness. This scent is the quintessential holiday Body Shop scent. Love it!

  112. crystal g. says:

    im a cranberry/chaser kind-of-girl; im always a sweet social-butterfly around the holidays
    ;-D. I love their cranberry scent with the silver shimmer (reminds me of good times).

  113. Black Velvet Apricottttttt!!!
    Sounds dangerous yet delicious :D

  114. Like fresh holiday treats, Nutmeg & Vanilla and I are both warm and sweet. Anyway, I love Vanilla and I love Nutmeg, and I think the combo will be divine!

    I’m big on Holiday drinks and pastries. I have a total sweet tooth, and my relatives make the awesomest Christmas cookies. *^_^*

  115. I am definately a Black Velvet Apricot. I love the smell of apricot.

  116. Vanilla and Nutmeg are just the best for me!!

  117. Black Velvet Apricot may not be a typical choice, but I think it would go well with the scent of pine on winter nights.

  118. I love apricot scents so I’m definitely a Black Velvet Apricot!

  119. I’m a Black Velvet Apricot belle because it’s such a sophisticated fragrance and the name is sexy and the coloring of the package is sexy.
    Oy, but I can’t decide between that and Nutmeg/Vanilla, because that one makes me want to eat myself. Hmmmm.

  120. I’d like to breathe through a mask of Merry Cranberry every day :-).

  121. warrior11209 says:

    I am definitely nutmeg and vanilla – not only are these my 2 favorite scents for body wash and mositurizers but this is the scent that I always associate with the holidays – coming home after a long day and the house smells of vanilla and nutmeg from either Christmas cookies or pumpkin bread – yummy!!

  122. Holiday style: Nutmeg & Vanilla. I love the flavors of an old fashined christmas.

  123. Mmmm… Nutmeg & Vanilla because it reminds me of baking and the warm smells of Christmas.

  124. Are you kidding me? Who doesnt want to be enveloped in black velvet? I love the apricot smell. ( = Even when apricots are dried, theyre juicy. We love moisture…

  125. I pick Black Velvet Apricot because velvet sounds so plush, comfy and warm – so necessary during the chilly holiday season. Plus it sounds like such a unique blend- something I strive to do with my style.

  126. I say the Nutmeg & Vanilla body butter best describes my style, mostly because it remind me of warmth, and that’s exactly my style for this Chicago winter….to stay warm! So that means to dress in layers, and nothing really special. especially since it’s only 1 degree outside today lol :-)

  127. Black Velvet Apricot is mt style Sexy yet modest.Idk, apricot reminds me of modest.

    What makes me a Merry Cranberry is the whole season is just fun, joyful and merry and I am in the best mood! I feel like a Merry cranberry for real!

  128. I’m definitely nutmeg and vanilla. Reminds me of cookies and pound cake lol!! I always call myself French Vanilla with brown eyes!!

  129. Black Velvet Apricot Body Butter! Most def! Dark but sweet!

  130. I’m a nutmeg and vanilla mama. My family & friends just love my baking — sweet potates pies and various cookies — nutmeg, vanilla, lots of love and other spices.

  131. Merry Cranberry. Sweet, but not sickening!

  132. I’m a nutmeg and vanilla chick because those are what I use to make the Sweet Potato Pies. Once the kitchen smells like nutmeg, you know the holiday has arrived.

  133. Nutmeg and Vanilla — I love warm spicy scents, especially during the holidays!

  134. def nutmeg and vanilla. i love the scent and it makes me feel warm and cozy.

  135. My kids would probably say I’m a nutmeg n vanilla moma. I love to sit around a warm fire drinking eggnog with nutmeg and our house always-always smells like vanilla. I love vanilla scented anything especially candles and have too many to count…. I would love this

  136. I think the subtle richness of cranberry, with a bit of zest, is perfect for me!

  137. The nutmeg & vanilla describes me best. I love the two, I put nutmeg in my oatmeal every morning and I drink my vanilla chai tea after work. They both smell so yummy and make me happy.

  138. Love the new Black Velvet Apricot. The gel and scrub make my shower smell great and I forget about the cold weather for a while and the lip balm works wonders for my lips. I keep it in my car so that I know exactly where it is and actually use it!

  139. I’m just vanilla or ginger!

  140. Love nutmeg & vanilla — reminds me of cookies & lounging around in pajamas. Thanks for the chance to win a fantastic giveaway!

  141. Cranberry for me – to smell and to taste!

  142. I am definitley a Black Velvet Apricot Body Butter. I love black and things that feel smooth on my body. I think my husband would call me his little black velvet apricot body butter too ;)

  143. I love the Black Velvet Apricot scent!

  144. oh i love nutmeg and vanilla smells so heavenly

  145. I’d defintely say I’m a nutmeg and vanilla: comfy and cozy, with a little bit of spice thrown in!

  146. Vickie Riddle says:

    I’m a Merry Cranberry chica!! We’ll all gather at Mom’s house and enjoy family time and great food! Happy Holidays to everyone!!

  147. I’m a Merry Cranberry….fresh, crisp, and refreshing!!!

  148. Nutmeg and vanilla mama, for sure!

  149. I’d say Nutmeg and Vanilla. It reminds of holiday cookies, ginger bread people, family, snuggling up with your boo, children opening gifts…and so much more. The holidays are about warm, love and joy and Nutmeg and Vanilla embody that feeling for me.

  150. CoilsnKinks says:

    I would definitely have to vote for the Nutmeg and Vanilla. It reminds me of my MaDear, Grandmother, and all the holiday baking! I miss them but they taught me alot and at my house during the holidays vanilla scents reign supreme. I absoulutely need to try them!!!

  151. The black velvet and apricot lip balm spoke to me. The apricot is sweet with a slight bit of tart to it. As am I… However, I long to be as smooth and rare as black velvet.

  152. I’m a and Vanilla mama because I love holiday cooking smells when the cold weather is upon us and, oh, it is!

  153. Nutmeg & Vanilla all the way! I’m all about being warm and comforting/comfortable

  154. I’m a black velvet apricot kind of girl, besides the scent being heavenly I just love to say the name. It inspires beautiful thoughts.

  155. It gotta be spicy nutmeg and sweet vanilla..I hope i win :)

  156. I’m a nutmeg and vanilla girl for the winter! I love warm scents on a cold day. The merry cranberry smells delicious too. Can we mix the two? Cranberry vanilla.. mm.

  157. Nutmeg & Vanilla. I like the scent of sugar & spice around the home during the holidays. Sugar & spice always remind me of freshly baked sweets and tea, chai, eggnog or cider.

  158. I’m definitely nutmeg and vanilla! It’s a relaxing, cozy scent. I just think of sinking into blankets reading a really good book.

  159. I would love to try the nutmeg and vanilla products. What a great giveaway.

  160. nutmeg & the vannilla products. hope i win (:

  161. Nutmeg and Vanilla sounds so cozy and warm:-)

  162. Tahitian Moon says:

    I pick Merry Cranberry. It sounds so festive and perfect for the holiday. I want to put it on and curl by the fire.

  163. grapefuit all the way! yes, that sounds like an odd scent but it is absolutely fabulous!

  164. my email was wrong in the last one so this comment has the right one if i win!

  165. im a nutmeg and vanilla girl!

  166. Definitely a Merry Cranberry chica! I just love all of the Body Shop’s products that I have tried, and plan on ordering more and more.

  167. I’m a nutmeg and vanilla mama! This is my favorite time of the year. Pumkin bread, sweet potato pie with nutmeg, cinnamon and various other spices. I LOVE the smell of the season and I can’t wait to finish baking!

  168. Aba DeGraft-Hanson says:

    I’m a nutmeg & vanilla lip balm girl–always on the lookout for products that work to keep my lips soft & moisturized!

  169. I am Black Velvet Apricot all the way! Love it!

  170. Definately Black Velvet Apricot. It reminds me of quality time with my honey during the holidays. Full of surprises, mysterious and sweet.

  171. I’m definately a Nutmeg and Vanilla mama~~ love sweet and warm scents like that!

  172. Love nutmeg and vanilla. Smells just like cake or pie baking in the oven. Who doesn’t love pie!?

  173. I love cranberry. It is sweet and tangy with a kick all it’s own.


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