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HLSH stacked

Karen Robinovitz may be the busiest woman I know. Besides being a writer by trade who knows everyone who’s anyone in NYC, she’s the creatrix of Purple Lab NYC, an indie cosmetic brand that’s about to hit the big time. She just hosted an insanely successful event — the “Find Your Luvah” speed dating party in Hoboken is being reported as the world’s largest speed dating event in history! AND she’s about to launch some super sexy new beauty products on the Home Shopping Network — her debut will air February 18th and 19th, and they’re doing FIVE different live shows. As I said to her on the phone yesterday, “OMG, Karen that’s HUGE!”

As stressed out as she must have been, Karen remained upbeat and excited.

“OMG, Patrice – these are my CHILDREN. Our cream blush, Cheek Implants? Patrice. You. Are. Going. To. DIE. It’s got all of the treatments I use on my skin, in a blush. It is SO good. There’s elastin and collagen in it…it’s so velvety and perfect. And I chose the names for a special reason — I think every woman should feel like they’ve got a Backstage Pass, and are wearing Six Inch Heels, even if they’re just going to the grocery store!”

Karen is a fashionista for the ages, I tell you. I’m extra super duper excited for Lashionista Modelista, a mascara infused with diamond dust for that over-the-top touch of glam. And I also love Purple Lab’s most popular product, Huge Lips Skinny Hips. This Hoodia-infused gloss is paraben free and gently plumps your lips after application. As a woman with a pair of naturally full lips I wasn’t really concerned about the plumping action so much, but my friends with thinner lips or with lines that can detract from their lips looking smooth and kissable would LOVE that effect. On me, it just makes my lips look full and smooth. Just the way I like em!

My favorite color is Worship Kate — a deep rose/mauve with a touch of glitter to it – very sheer, very layerable, perfect on any shade of skin. That was a big concern for Karen.

“My group of friends is like the United Nations. So I made sure these colors would work on EVERYONE!”

For a special giveaway just for Afrobella readers, Karen and Purple Lab are offering the ultimate gloss that will work on everyone.


It’s called No Panty Lines, and as the name would imply, it is crystal clear. I’ll let Karen explain the name: “Because the color is clear, I was inspired. Like, what else do I want to be clear? My exit! No Panty Lines is the clearest, best exit.” Right? Nothing ruins a look like visible panty lines!

This is the gloss that’ll amp up your evening look when paired with an over-the-top smoky eye, it’s the gloss that’ll look ah-mazing when layered over your favorite lip stain or lip pencil. And it’s infused with Hoodia and has that killer plumping action. Perfecto!

And because I am part of Purple Lab’s Blogger Mafia, Purple Lab is offering one of their magnificent HLSH glosses in No Panty Lines, to THREE lucky Afrobella readers (who live in the United States)! All you have to do is comment below and let me know — how do you plan to wear your “No Panty Lines” – ?

This should be good!

I’ll close these comments on Friday and pick winners over the weekend. Good luck, bellas!

Edited Friday 2:50 pm – Comments are closed! Will announce winners next week!

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  1. naturallyyours says:

    I will wear my “no panty lines” over some chapstick. Winter time in PA is no joke.I try to keep my lips as moist as possible.

  2. Keeping it clear for everyday use. And putting it under dark gloss for super soft luscious lips!

  3. I will wear my no panty lines when I go out for valentines day and look smokin hot in my new gloss

  4. I would defintely wear “no panty lines” over my chapstick for smooth shiny lips. Heck, I would swipe some over my tinted chapstick for just enough color and some shine.

  5. How do I plan to wear “No Panty Lines”? – Every day!

    A clear gloss is just what I need to use over my lipstick that day, especially if it will fix my problem of lined lips, or to throw on whilst running out the door to class so that I still look put together – even with a few hours sleep.

  6. There is beauty in simplicity… a lost art form if you will to embrace what you have with the slightest hints of shimmer and shine here & there. I plan to wear “No Panty Lines” with the confidence of self love… I have the audactiy to be dope on my own terms…

  7. I will wear No Panty Lines alone. Theres nothing better than natural, glossy lips.

  8. Everyday and everyway. By itself, over my favorite pencil and if I had a lip stain that I liked over that too. I guess I’ll have to get one of those too. Sounds like a great product.

  9. I will wear “No Panty Lines” over a nude lip pencil with a soft, smokey eye.

  10. No Panty Lines DAILY! Either a la carte, or over a slight rub of mica powder.

  11. I’ll wear my No Panty Lines every day. Every woman needs a fabulous gloss that gives her a little more “umph” than just chapstick!

  12. I would wear “No Panty Lines” alone with my Fro out and bold colored eye shadow.

  13. SweetandSensible says:

    I would wear no panty lines with dark purple eye liner and a mixed pink and purple eyeshadow and no panty lines with top it off and leave my lips looking luscious!!! cant wait!

  14. I will wear it with a nude lipliner. I live for a good lip gloss. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  15. I will wear it alone paired with black liner and mascara. Its my standard makeup look that plays up my features well. Sometimes I might pair it with a lip stain.

  16. I would wear “No Panty Lines” everyday! I only wear glosses and I can’t wait to try a new one!

  17. That’s a no brainer!!!! I’d wear “No Panty Lines” with no panties! LOL Someone had to say it! LOL

  18. Just LOVE, LOVE, that AU Natural look with a little hint of my brown lipstick.

  19. Cynthia S says:

    au Naturale

  20. I’ll wear it every day, au naturel. No color or lip liner needed.

  21. i think a sheer lip can often be the sexiest look. there is a time and a place for fire engine red or flourescent pink, but a satiny sheen over plump, healthy lips, says “i have natural beauty, and im just enhancing it.”

    not to mention that if you happen to “draw outside the lines” the only trace of your blunder will be a little glimmer. :)

  22. I love that she named the glosses No Panty Lines. Awesome! I’d rock that gloss with a fresh twist out, clean au natural skin and a smile.

  23. I would wear it with a dramatic eye on Valentine’s Day with my honey.

  24. I will wear my No Panty Lines natural over a nude lip!

  25. I’d wear “No Panty Lines” over a deep red lipstick, old Hollywood style!

  26. Enneirda07 says:

    As a make up novice, No Panty Lines would be a great step up to my usual carmex!

  27. I would wear “no panty lines” all by it self!! That’s all you need!!

  28. I plan to wear my “No Panty Lines” lipgloss with very little else. I LOVE the sexy, kissable look and feel of a neutral gloss. My lips have a natural pinkish hue, so I don’t need an in-your-face color for everyday wear. On Valentine’s Day, I want my boyfriend to be transfixed on my Huge Lips & Skinny Hips ;~).

  29. I’d wear “No Panty Lines” with my usual brown lipstain, for a nearly natural look :)

  30. I would wear “No Panty Lines” over a bright cherry red lipstick and then dust the gloss lightly with a coat of mineral powder foundation. Should be an interestingly natural glow!

  31. I’m a pretty simple girl when it come to makeup, especially lipcolor so i’d wear “no panty lines” over my chapstick and call it a day :-)

  32. No Panties will go perfect with my twist out…nothing like natural, crisp, clean beauty.

  33. The only make up I use on a daily bases is lip gloss. Viva la non-chapped lips!

    But what’s up with the “skinny hips” thing on the gloss?

    I have child bearing hips and am proud of them. So this gloss is not for me.

  34. I will cover my coppery shade lip pencil with “No Panty Lines”. I think it’ll look sweet!

  35. Hmmmm…would wear it paired with my many other shades of lipsticks and gloss or sometimes alone for the natural look. I don’t wear much makeup but I am addicted to all things that go on the lips!

  36. Over my Burt’s Bee’s tinted chapstick in order to keep my parched lips subtly colored, shiny and healthy.

    Gorgeous! Thanks.

  37. Darlene Durand says:

    I love the natural look, but during the winter natural usually = chapped, cracked and ashy. NOT attractive. I will wear my “no panty lines” with a sheer powder cover and a nice brown shadow. Clear gloss at work gives me a professional look that doesn’t look like I’m trying.

  38. I didnt win the Brickfish contest to be a model on HSN. I’d sure love to win the “NPL- Lip gloss” I will wear my “No Panty LInes” lip gloss all day/everyday. Natural, shinny lush lips is my daily look. What woman doesnt love to feel sexy?

  39. All by itself.

  40. luvlylocs says:

    I am going to wear my No panty Lines (Huge lips Skinny Hips) with my no panty lines, make my hips look skinny Spanx. :)

  41. This will great for when I want a glossy, color free lip during the day and in the evening amp up the deep purple lipstick I am currently obssessed with.

  42. I will wear alone or with a lip stain for some added va va va voom!!

  43. crystal g. says:

    in the day- by itself or over a lip covered in liquid foundation for a clean nude look. At night-over bright red lipstick or dark brown lip liner :-D

  44. This definitely would be layered over some chapstick for super smooth lips.

  45. hmmm, i’d wear my “no panty lines” with absolutely NOTHING!! i love how clear gloss brings out my natural lip tone!