Did you make it out to an Estée Lauder counter near you, on the 22nd? I sure hope you did – I was at the Macy’s Water Tower here in Chicago, and Estée Lauder’s America’s Night to Repair was an amazingly fun event!

As soon as I arrived, I met with a historian for the brand who filled me in about the incredible Estée Lauder. She was a glamorous, intelligent, inventive, courageous woman and I have a new role model. I learned all kinds of amazing facts about Estée Lauder. For example, did you know that Estée Lauder invented the Gift With Purchase? She took a unique and very personal approach to her business, and her dedication and passion made her the best. She was a feminist and a pioneer. And a total knockout.

The history lesson traced Estée Lauder’s history, from an aspiring entrepreneur who went to salons to sell her product herself, to groundbreaking brand that is synonymous with luxury and elegance. It was amazing. And that led to a demonstration and explanation of the efficacy of Advanced Night Repair – which as you already know, I LOVE.

I brought two of my besties with me, and we had a blast. After the lesson in Estée Lauder, it was straight to the counter and the makeup chair. We got incredible makeovers by some of Estée Lauder’s finest artists! I learned a whole new way to apply my makeup. For flawless skin that – mix your foundation with a drop or two of Advanced Night Repair (or Advanced Night Repair Eye if you’re using foundation in the under eye area). Applying this foundation/ANR mixture with the Estée Lauder Powder Foundation Brush 3 gave my face a flawless, almost-airbrushed finish. I need one of those in my life!

This is my completed look. The makeup artist taught me all kinds of tips and tricks for doing my own makeup. I’m so excited to put them to use!

The evening ended with a professional photographer taking head shots. And that wasn’t just for me – every woman who got a makeover got a head shot!

LOVE it!! Thanks so much to Estée Lauder and the folks at Macy’s Water Tower for a magical evening.

Did you go out for ANR and get yourself some samples? Let me know how it went for you!

Disclosure: A free review sample of this product was provided by Estée Lauder via Glam Media; compensation was provided in exchange for this placement.

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the diva says:
August 3, 2010, 2:53 pm
It's funny you should mention the Estee Lauder Night Repair, because I have some in my medicine cabinet! I received a freebie, due to some class action lawsuit a while back. So I definitely plan to use your mixing tip. Did they give any tips on enlarged pores? I suddenly seem to be cursed with them. Not a good look.....
Dasheen says:
August 5, 2010, 4:04 pm
Bella, I'm glad you had such an awesome time! And I am so distracted by that necklace lol Is there a closeup? Your jewelry finds are always so fun and unique. I must say that the first full made up face I ever got was the day of my college grad pics and it was all Estee Lauder. I walked into MACYs and the lady at the Estee Lauder counter hooked me up. I didn't know how to say no then, so I brought almost everything she used on me except an $80 brush... smh I was like no way. Estee Lauder is a kind of dream makeup stash. Currently, the only thing I have/LOVE from them is a shimmer powder in Creme Caramel (CCO get). It is so beautiful on brown skin.
mel says:
August 5, 2010, 10:08 pm
Bella, thanks for the input. I"m planning a visit to the counter tomorrow, I'm going to look into the night repair creme. Thanks! Mel


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