As the “mane” man on the set of Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls, key hairstylist Kenneth Walker had his hands full! He had to work with some of Hollywood’s top actresses, and with a variety of hair textures. Kenneth styled everything from Whoopi’s locs, to Thandie’s fine, light hair (I know Kenneth used and loved IT&LY Hairfashion products on set, BTW).

But as you can see in this exclusive photo that I got from behind the scenes, the drama was entirely on screen. On the set of For Colored Girls, the cast and crew got along really well, and were EXTREMELY proud of the work they put in. Kenneth Walker discussed his feelings about the film with me beforehand, in case you missed that post:

For Colored Girls will finally open in theaters today. What will the response be at the box office? That still remains to be seen. I’ve been seeing all sorts of opinions about the film online. My friend Thembi Ford wrote a detailed review and labeled it a “messy melodrama.” My friend Bassey Ikpi wrote for the Huffington Post,Don’t read Ntozake Shange’s play before you see the movie. This is not her play. This is something else. Something different. You know how Starbursts have real fruit juice in them but it isn’t fruit? Think of For Colored Girls as Starbursts and FCGWHCSWRiE as fruit.”

I liked Bassey’s Starburst/fruit comparison – and I think that can be said for many books and plays that are eventually translated onto the big screen. I also like the fact that there’s so much debate and discussion over this film, that is an undeniable history maker. Tyler Perry is quoted as saying, “never in the history of a feature film has there been an ensemble of this many black women. That alone is worth celebrating.” I agree, but only to a point. Let’s not let this be a celebration without informed criticism. Having said that, I look forward to seeing the film, and I hope For Colored Girls knocks em dead at the box office! I hope it ushers in a new era and fresh hope for filmmakers, scriptwriters, and directors, for whom the Hollywood moviemaking industry has not yet proven to be enough.

What are your thoughts, bellas? Will you be seeing For Colored Girls this weekend?

If you’ve got questions for Kenneth Walker or would like an interview opportunity, leave a comment below. His people are reading!

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