It’s not yet the night before Christmas, but it can’t hurt to already have your stocking hung by the chimney with care. Saint Nicholas soon will be there, and hopefully the next morning, your stocking won’t be bare! (OK, no more rhymes).

When you’re a kid, it’s easy to fill a stocking with candy and toys and call it a day. It takes a little more panache to bring light to the eyes and exclamations to the lips of those over 21. Allow me to share with you some of the cutest, most “oooooh!” inducing treats that could delight you come Christmas morn.

Diva Tweeze.

Aren’t they adorable? These teeny, slender little women will look chic on your dresser and help you keep those brows in check. At $9.99 a piece, it’s easy to want to get two so they can be friends! Sierra’s the naturally curly sista of the bunch, just so you know.

bath goodies from Honeycat Cosmetics

The inner cat woman in me LOVES everything about this brand! The packaging is adorable – bath salts come in sardine tins, bottles are just cute enough to tie a ribbon around and pop into a stocking. I recommend the Chick of the Sea bath crystals or the warm milk martini.

Cocoa Kettle Kettlecorn by Popcorn, Indiana.

Forgive me for this next suggestion – this snack is particularly addictive. How addictive, you ask? Well, after getting some bags in the mail recently (which my husband and I mowed through in record time), apparently I quite clearly said “popcorn” and “white aged cheddar” in my sleep the other night. Now my husband won’t let me forget it! So yes, the white aged cheddar is amazing. But the cocoa Kettle kettlecorn just might be laced with crack. It is that deliciously addictive. Chocolatey sweet salty yumminess. Grab a bag for the holiday party too, and you might not get a raise but at least you and the boss will have something to discuss in the elevator.

Soy Spacasso lip gloss.

I love little indie skincare brands, and I ESPECIALLY love them when their products are great enough to recommend to others. Soy Spacasso is one of those brands. I love their lip glosses! Highly fragranced, slightly sweet, extremely moisturizing. At this time of year, that’s exactly what my lips need! Pumpkin Spice Bar and Sugar Cookie Crunch are so ideal for the season! $4 a pop!

Gold Toe “Totally Terry” socks

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know socks aren’t a fun Christmas present. But they’re a perfect stocking stuffer – cute, warm socks are so very necessary with these cold weather waves all over the country. I’m a fan of Gold Toe socks, and their Totally Terry socks are cozy, warm, and soft enough to wear at home with your feet slathered with shea butter, as they are nestled deep inside a pair of winter boots. $7.20 and they come in a shiny gold box for a smidge of holidazzle.

Are your stockings stuffed yet? Whatcha waiting for? We’ve only got five more days till Christmas!


zenzele says:
December 20, 2010, 3:48 pm
Wonderful ideas! I've seen the Diva Tweezes around these parts, but since it's upstate NY, I haven't seen the Black ones. Will have to order online, or wait till I get back to Brooklyn.
Moni says:
December 20, 2010, 4:11 pm
I'm going to purchase every one of these items! Thanks! : )
pets says:
December 20, 2010, 7:25 pm
You can't have enough socks...
The Cubicle Chick says:
December 20, 2010, 8:21 pm
Love these ideas! All but the cat stuff because I loathe them but I love cute and interesting stocking stuffers that aren't your run of the mill garden variety. :)
Krissy90220 says:
December 22, 2010, 4:59 pm
I want the popcorn for myself. I'm a huge popcorn lover! Great post Afrobella!