You’re either stuck inside with drying heat, or shivering outside in the freezing cold. Either way, winter will suck the life out of your skin and leave you looking like Ashy Larry. What’s a bella to do?

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Well, drink more water for starters. Increasing your internal moisture will definitely make a difference in the appearance of your skin and hair. And for those Ashy Larry days, I recommend you step up your skin care regimen with a new moisturizer. Here are some of my latest faves from the drugstore and beyond!

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

Ask a pregnant woman and she’ll more than likely let you know – cocoa butter becomes a skin care essential the more you use it. I know so many moms and moms-to-be who begin using Palmers Cocoa Butter in their pregnancy to stave off stretch marks, and find that it becomes a way of life! Everything I’ve tried from the line has been wonderful IMO. After showering, slather on the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E, and your skin will feel satisfyingly moisturized – and you’ll smell chocolatey delicious! My hands LOVE the Concentrated Cream, which I guess is technically meant for stretch mark treatment (but works just as well on parched, ashy hands). Palmer’s products generally cost less than $10 and are available at your local drugstore or supermarket, so if you need a quick fix and are new to the brand, it’s easy to give them a try!

Quench Essentials

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I first blogged about this product line back in 2009 – and now Quench Essentials is back with a new scent of body mousse – Honey Baby! If you like your skincare all natural and made on a smaller scale with lots of love, you should definitely give Quench a try. The product line was created by Detroit-based blogger and photographer extraordinare Tafari Stevenson-Howard to combat winter ashiness. Their body mousse is water-based and made with shea, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil. I really like Quench on my legs, and for those extra-dry places, there’s the appropriately named Elbows, Knees and Toes balm. Click here to order.

Neutrogena Body Oil.

Maybe you’re not into heavy butter-based body moisturizers. My skin cries out for deeper moisture during the winter, but it isn’t for everyone – some prefer their moisture from a light, easily absorbed oil. Neutrogena Body Oil might be what you crave. Made from sesame oil, it’s light enough to disappear instantly into your post-shower skin. And it’s sensual enough for a couple’s massage. Win win!

Lubriderm Advanced Therapy .

If you’ve got seriously parched skin and love a whipped-to-perfection, dense body moisturizing cream, look no further! If you’ve got a skin type that gets so dry that parts of your skin look gray…you deserve to have a little Lubriderm in your life. I’d be lost without a tub of this in my bathroom. A little goes a long way, especially if you moisturize post-shower. And if you love scrubbing your feet then slathering them with lotion and wearing thick socks to bed at night, this pink-topped tub is about to be your new bestie!

Kiehls Creme de Corps.

Kiehls = quality. And you get what you pay for with this brand. If drugstore moisturizers aren’t cutting it for you anymore and you’re ready to step your winter skin protection game all the way up – you should give Creme de Corps a try. Cocoa butter, sesame oil and beta-carotene make for a truly decadent skincare experience. The 2.5 oz bottle starts at $10, so you can try before you decide you need to invest in like, the $70 liter bottle.

Those are the moisturizing products that are helping my skin survive this weather! I’m happy to report that I am ash free, silky smooth and loving it!

What are your winter skincare faves?

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