What’s Your Skincare Regimen?

From time to time readers will ask me about my skin care regimen and I never know quite how to answer. That’s because it changes from week to week, depending on what product I’m reviewing. Sometimes the lack of consistency can be frustrating. Which is why I loved this quote from the late, great Aaliyah, making its way around Tumblr.

Oh to have a skincare regimen that effortless and perfect! There’s no way I could capture mine, products and all, in such succinct terms. So I’ll break it down according to the routine.

I typically cleanse my face at the sink (but sometimes in the shower), and if I’m at the sink I use my Clarisonic and a mild, creamy cleanser. Cetaphil is great for this but I’ve been using my beloved Cor Silver Soap, or Mario Badescu Orange Cleansing Soap of late. It’s mild but effective, and smells like a delicious Creamsicle.

After I cleanse, I need to put on moisturizer pretty much ASAP. I’ve seriously got an arsenal of moisturizers so choosing can either be determined by weather, by what I’m testing that week, or by laziness and proximity. Of late I’m loving everything by Olay, especially their Total Effects Moisture with Cooling Hydration.

I am not big into toners, but if I do feel the need to use a toner I typically use Kiss My Face Balancing Act Facial Toner. Great spray bottle, gentle product. Love it!

At night I usually cleanse my face with a cleansing oil, Bobbi Brown or Shu Uemura are my favorites. And of course, if I have a breakout or a spot I need to use products to suit – Oxy Clinical Clearing Treatment works well and is clear, so if I need to go out and deal with a zit, I love it. If I’m going to bed or staying at home, I still reach for Mario Badescu’s drying lotion.

And that’s pretty much my current skincare regimen. Lately I’ve been noticing that I really need a good facial, but otherwise it’s been working for me. Not quite as effortless as Aaliyah’s regimen, but hey. It’s my skincare reality.

What’s your skincare regimen? Is it complicated, or relatively simple?

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  1. feliciayvette says:

    I was using Purity by Philosophy; but I just switched to Shiseido Benefiance cleanser. I use my Clarisonic with either. Then, I use La Mer eye cream and put a mixture of Philosphy’s Vitamin C Powder and When Hope Is Not Enough Firming Serum on the rest of my face. Ifollow w/ Kiehl’s Ultra Moisture Cream or Murad’s Skin Perfecting Lotion.

  2. Skincare regimen? I don’t have one. Lol! I just wash my face with either liquid homemade soap or liquid black soap and moisturize with shea butter. To be honest, some days I just wash my face and don’t even moisturize.

    I do need to find something to get rid of these blackheads…ugh they get on my nerves!

  3. i use a face scrub from Herb n’ Developments on etsy (green tea, cucumber) — there are so many oils in it, i don’t have to moisturize after — but it isn’t too many to have me looking greasy all day.

    other than that, it’s aveeno face wash, and aveeno moisturizer. spf 30. ( i love aveeno products! )

    and i’ve started making a mask from ground rose petals, cocounut water and a drop of vitamin e.

    i love it!


  4. I recently started using the oil cleansing method:


    I use a mixture of grapeseed and almond oil, with a few drops of castor.

    When I’m done, I just pat on a drop of grapeseed oil.

    In the morning, I cleanse with a random gentle cleanser (whatever is around) and pat another drop of grapeseed oil onto my wet face and one of almond oil around my eyes. Let it soak in for a sec, then pat dry.

    Been doing this for about two weeks and my skin has never been better. I’m pretty excited about it; I used to have an arsenal of skincare products that I needed to cart back and forth to the boyfriend’s and have with me when I travel.

    • Agreed! The Oil Cleansing Method cured my acne, fixed my combination skin, evened out my hyper-pigmentation and stopped random blackheads. I’ve been doing it for about 6 months with 50% castor and 50% jojoba oils and now it looks like I have “good skin”. Can’t get any easier.

      • Hello Micki,

        I would really like to try this method! I too suffer from unpredictable acne patterns and hyperpigmentation. Is there a website you’d recommend to purchase these oils?


    • I read about this over a year ago. I have very oily skin and used a mixture with castor oil as the main oil. I noticed after a few days my acne lessened and I had fewer blackheads. I got tired of it after a while and switched back to my acne cleansers. What do you know? The acne is back with a vengeance. I guess I learned my lesson. The OCM method is also cheap, which is another bonus.

    • That’s my oil mix too, Healthy Curls! Picked up this method from Moptop Maven. And my skin glows…not easy when you’re 50! I could not believe you combat oil with oil—wow!

      Lemon juice for dark spots and Green Tea/Apple Cider Vinegar combo for a natural antioxidant toner

  5. In the morning I use Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser in the shower, then follow up with Hope in a Jar moisturizer by Philosophy . I also use a little rose oil on my dry spots, (around my nose, mouth & eyes). At night I use the Neutrogena One Step Gentle Cleanser to remove makeup and grime, followed by Hope in a Jar and more rose oil. In the summer I use a toner, preferably, Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner in between cleansing and moisturizing my skin.

  6. In the morning I use Noxema Daily face was and moisturize with a grapeseed oil based cold cream by Glory Be Herbals from Etsy. I then put on my makeup and go.

    In the evening I cleanse with the same base cold cream from Glory Be Herbals (from a different jar) that has apricot kernals, liquified black soap (I added this not the maker) and castille soap. I follow up with another slathering of regular cold cream.

    I sometimes use the noxema cleansing pads if I’m really oily.

    I stopped using Noxema cold cream when I found Glory Be on Etsy, the girl who runs it is a trained herbalist and was able to customize this based on my oily skin.

  7. Whitney O says:

    I was using Butts Bees’s products for about two years. I just recently switched over to using Beauty Control and so far, Im very pleased. Their Spa line is very refreshing.

  8. Boscia Cool Cleansing Oil. Clinique Even Better Moisturizer. Morning & night. H2O Plus and Bliss masks.

  9. I forgot to add that I use my Clairsonic once a week.

  10. Oil of Olay 7 signs of aging face wipes and Retin-A cream–over 50 yr. old face but still have oily skin

  11. zoerabbit says:

    The only thing I use on my face is liquid black soap and a moisturizer. The black soap is fantastic for removing makeup (Bare Minerals powder and Falsies mascara).

  12. It used to be complicated, but for the last few years I’ve done this: lather up with a black-soap bar at the sink and leave it on while I do any other non-shower bathroom things, wash off the now-dried lather with a semi-scrubby washcloth (if there are any clean ones from this week’s laundry!), use Neutrogena’s On-the-Spot spot treatment immediately since I have regular breakout zones, and then moisturize with Neutrogena’s oil-free moisturizer with SPF 15. And that’s usually it unless something horrendous is going on with my skin. The only thing that changes regularly is my spot treatment, as my skin gets used to one thing or the other. Every now and then I feel like I should use toner, but then I just use something like Sea Breeze Sensitive Skin (which still burns!). Or if I’m feeling lazy or it’s late, I’ll wash my face with the black soap instead of using it like a sort of mask.

  13. I wash my face with whatever moisturizing soap I have around.
    I moisturize in the morning with my Mango Moisture Butter.
    At night, I do what is similar to the oil cleansing method above. I use my Neutralizing Butter for Oily Skin. I massage it into my skin, apply a warm towel and remove the excess. I wake up to balanced skin (not that super oily T-Zone I’m prone to having) and I typically do not have to follow up with a moisturizer.

  14. i recently wrote about the same thing! with my sensitive, acne-prone skin, my skin care regime is constant trial & error. sucks for us, huh?

  15. GhanaianBella says:

    I wash my face with Shea Moisture black soap, then Oil of Olay toner to get the extra oil left behind…it has Witch-hazel & Hammelis. Then Ambi Even & CLR Mark Minimizer or Retinol Creme at night! 2 or 3 times a week, I will exfoliate with St.Ives Apricot scrub. I also do a hot facial as needed.

  16. SassyPuff says:

    Mine is pretty simple. At night, I remove my makeup with Clean Energy oil by Origins, followed by a night cream; a rich one in the winter, something less oily in the summer. I use moisturisers by Origins or Neals Yard Remedies.
    In the morning, after brushing my teeth, I rub my face with a warm, damp flannel.
    That is it, no toners etc. I once read an article by a dermatologist that said most skin problems are caused by over cleansing. Most people do not need a toner, and you do not need to cleanse in the morning. Cleansing is for the removal of makeup, just use water if you need to freshen up in the am.
    I then apply my foundation, which I mix with serum and the rest of my makeup.
    Once a week, I use Never a Dull Moment or Modern Friction face scrub.
    That’s it!

  17. I use Rhonda Allison’s Pumpkin Cleanser followed by Boots Botanics Organic Day Face Cream. I also exfoliate my skin twice a week with Boots #7 Total Renewal microdermabrasion scrub.

    I wear Laura Mercier’s oil free tinted moisturize as a base for my face, highlight by cheeks with a bronzer, throw on some mascara and run out the door :-)

  18. Dove soap or black soap from Ghana, then some olive oil.

  19. My beauty routine is pretty simple. I wash my face with warm water about 3 times a day, apply a Nutrogena (hope I spelled it right lol) moisturizer with sunscreen in it when I leave the house, try to drink enough water to balance out all of the junk food I eat, put my locs up in a ponytail when I go to bed, and polish my nails once a week. Maybe someday I’ll get into more beauty products; in the mean time I’ll live through you ;).

    Twitter: @ConsiderMeLuvly

  20. Shea Moisture Black Soap body wash. This stuff is amazing. It’s been keeping my skin clear and has been making it more even.
    Every other day or so, I use the Olay exfoliating thingy (it’s a great alternative to a Clarisonic) with the Shea Moisture wash, to get a deep cleaning.

    I am acne prone, so I’ve been using a 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide gel from Acne.org. It works great, and isn’t harsh on my skin at all.

    I end it with lotion with SPF 15 or 30 (day) or a moisturizing night cream. If my skin is a little dull, I’ll use Alpha Hydrox 15% Glycolic cream.

    It’s a lot of stuff, but it works for me!

    • My husband uses this product, too (the Dr. Woods brand). He used to have a lot of trouble with breakouts, but not anymore. Bonus: It smells fantastic!

  21. In my case the saying “Good black don’t crack” is VERY TRUE! For a long time when people asked me my regimen I would say that I just picked great parents. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that I started using moisturizers and moisturizing cleansers (spec. Noxzema) when I was 14 and that not everybody does that!

    I’m going to be 46 in June. My basic regimen:
    – Cleanse in the morning with either plain water or, at the most, Philosophy’s Purity cleanser
    – Apply a very light layer of JASON 5000-IU vitamin E cream

    If my pores are looking a little blocked I’ll apply a 10-minute mask…lately it’s been Lush’s BB Seaweed. Every once in a while I’ll sweep with Sea Breeze and cotton balls. That’s pretty much it!

  22. Lately, because I’ve been breaking out, I’ve been using Dudu-Osun african black soap for cleansing. I’ve only been using it for 3 days but I have got to say I really like it. Only thing is it’s extremely drying. My moisturizer is my shea butter mixture with tea oil and olive oil but I know I have to find something else. The stuff is great for my body but when it come to my face, it makes me into a big greaseball. I feel like I am re-clogging my pores. The skin on my face is dry but anything too greasy will give me breakouts. Any suggestions on a moisturizer?

    • Dear Portia,

      Grapeseed Oil is very light, provides an SPF of 4 and has antioxidants. I have oily skin and it has never broken me out and is not greasy, soaks right in overnight. You just need a tiny amount for your entire face. I purchased mine at: TexasNaturalSupply.com. I think it was $9.99 plus shipping for a 16 oz size.

  23. I have a daytime and a nighttime regimen, which is the result of the product line I am using.

    In the morning, I use a gel foaming cleanser, followed by a toner, followed by a vitamin C and E moisturizer, followed by a sunscreen, SPF 30. If I have pimples, I use a healing gel, and/or an anti-cyst gel.

    In the evening, I use a lotion/oil-based cleanser, followed by a toner (it’s the same one I use in the morning), followed by a serum – I alternate between a healing serum and a glycolic-based serum, and a moisturizer. If I have pimples, I use a nighttime pimple cream.

    Once a week, I perform a mini-facial, which includes a healing serum, an exfoliating scrub and a mask. I perform the exfoliating scrub two more times during the week, at night.

    The above, combined with a monthly professional facial, is keeping my skin looking good. :) I’ve been using the above regimen since July 2009, and have been receiving professional monthly facial treatments since April 2010.

  24. Your skincare routine is a ‘no-nonsense’ one. Like it:) You could put up your routine on the mySkin site for the community to know more.Ciao!

  25. wonderful post bella thank you! my skincare regime is starting with carol’s daughter wash away the oil gentle foaming face wash to gently and deeply cleanse. next i must tone my skin with carol’s daughter balancing toner with acai berry, witch hazel, lemongrass and meadowsweet, to deep cleanse, refresh and tighten my pores. finally i moisturize with just a dab of carol’s daughter face butter infused with carrot seed oil, calendula, shea and cocoa butter. my face is beautiful and skin is even all day, every day!

  26. Feyishope says:

    Mine is relatively simple, i just wash my face a lot…lol!!! I stick to just one body moisturizer (jergens), use facial cleanser (neutrogener) at night to remove makeup..and thats it. OO i drink alot of water :))

  27. If only my skincare regimen could be like Aaliyah’s…My skin is acne-prone, and I have been through a couple of brands for the last two years. I used Mary Kay’s Velocity when I was a teen and it was great for awhile, but when I was about 20, it wasn’t working for me any more.

    Then I switched to Shea Moisture’s products. I loved the smell of the products, but they didn’t work for me. :( Then my mom gave me the Clinique acne products. Although they worked for awhile, some of the products burned the skin off around my nose…

    Now I am using the Yes to Tomatoes products, and they are amazing! My skin is completely cleared, and if I do have a pimple, it’s microscopic. I use the Daily Clarifying Cleanser and follow that up with the Daily Pore Scrub. Then I use the Deep Cleansing Facial Pads. After that, I put on the Facial Mask and leave it on when I take a shower. After I finish showering, I wash the Facial Mask off with cold water, and put on the Facial Hydrating Lotion. If I do have a breakout, I used the Roller Ball Spot Stick. I also used their Facial Wash, but I can’t find it anywhere. :( It smelled so good!

  28. I have learned that less is more when it comes to my face. Toners dry my face out so I now stay away from them. I use black soap cleanse and aloe vera gel to moisturize. If I find that my face needs a little extra moisture I use jasons moisturizer the one with aloe

  29. I use H2O Urban Defense Green tea facial wash I love it. Then I use the H20 hydration spray and cream. After a few uses and reading I learned that the hydration cream although very refreshing and light does not have an SPF so now I finish up with my favorite Clean and Clear mositurizer called Morning Burst.

    I also have a little facial exzema so at night I am supposed to cleanse my face with oly brand facial towlettes (the non moistened kind) and then apply a light
    aloa vera based exzema cream. Now this part I am lazy about but the first part I am serious about. My face feels great and it also looks very smooth.

  30. Melissa C says:

    Let’s see..
    Morning wash: Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel and I loove this stuff.
    Morning moisturizer: Bliss Best of Skintentions.

    After gym wash: Bliss Fabulous Foaming Wash
    After gym moisturizer: Boscia Oil-Free Daily Hydration SPF 15 and I loooove this stuff too

    Evening wash: Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel and I loove this stuff.
    Evening moisturizer: DHC Extra Nighttime Moisture with DHC Concentrated Eye Cream and I looooove this too!

    Once a week scrub: St. Ives Apricot Scrub Gentle
    Once a week toner: Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner

  31. MsMelissa! says:

    I’ve been feeling like I need to switch it up lately. I am interested in this “oil Cleansing Method”.

    In the morning, plain water and then “Ponds ClarantB3″ moisturizer.

    In the evening Clean and Clear foaming/makeup remover face wash…then the same mosituizer again.

    Maybe 3-4 times a week I will use Aveeno face wash pads.

    I’ve been break out free for 2 months now :)

  32. My 40+ year old skins requires lots of lovin’ and care, so I pay close attention to my skin and change my regimen when required. Right now I am using Aveda cream cleanser along with Origins toner. My daily moisturizer is Mario Badescu Buttermilk Cleanser. I use Mario Badescu’s cellufirm serum and Origins serum and eyecreams from both depending on what I am addressing. Mario Badescu’s eyecream is more moisturizing. I oil cleanse at night with a combo of castor/avocado/wheat germ oil and use a night cream by Mario Badescu. For daily protection I use 45spf protection by Neutrogena…..and try to get in as much water and unsweetened tea as possible each day.

  33. I use my own soap from Green Afro Diva called Mary Jane bar that has vetiver and patchouli in it to help tighten my pores and clean my oily skin. I also use the Purity Troll soap which has chamomile infused soy oil in it. Afterwards, I tone my skin with SkinToner from my own line which is made with rosewater and witch hazel and finally finish it with some Oil of Olay. I love the smell of it and it doesn’t make my skin greasy.

  34. Vivrant Thang says:

    Hey Bella!

    My skin type is combo, mostly oily Used to be dry and changed in my 20s. I used to complain but then I see how good my mother looks in her 60s with her oily skin and I suck it up.

    My regimen just changed. On the rec of Clumps of Mascara, I am trying out the Desert Essence line of tea tree products. So far, so good. I really like the cleanser and the cleansing pads. Dried up some pimples I had overnight. I moisturize with Oil of Olay. The Desert Essence lotion left my skin greasy. I am also using some creams prescribed by my derm for fading out my dark spots and controlling my breakouts.

    I use my Clarisonic MIA nightly in the shower. Once a week I do a pure Bentonite clay mask. Which is where the above pimples came from me thinks. Impurities drawn out. Plus on most days I drink a minimum of 64oz of water.

    Sounds like I should look into the oil cleansing method. Works on my hair!

  35. drymartini says:

    I use Burts’ Bees Royal Jelly Cleanser and rosewater as a toner, I like the Burts’ Bees Royal Jelly facial moisturizer with spf 15. For a facial scrub I use sugar with olive oil.

  36. A little Cetaphil in the shower – or just plain water.
    Clarins HydraQuench rich cream for Dry Skin (Cold Climates) in the winter or Olay Total Effects with SPF 50 in the summer.
    At night I use Clarins MultiActive Night Youth Recovery Cream.

  37. I change my skincare regimen according to the weather but as of now I use Ambi black soap. It is very cheap, $1.50 then I moisterize with the original olay cream. I know I should use something with SPF but the best cream for my skin is Murad perfecting day cream with SPF 30. Love the texture of the lotion and it leaves a nice glow on my skin. Then I use the St. Ives Apricot scrub every three days to exfoliate my skin. The best facial wash is Philosphy Purity. I am on a bugdet so right now I am using the cheap products. I rarely breakout. People always ask if I have on makeup when I do not, just lipgloss. I guess I am doing something right! I also try to drink plenty of water, workout 3-4 times a week, which helps with your appearance.

  38. paradisebird says:

    I use the oil cleansing method with only olive oil a a drop of rosewood essential oil (cleanses impurities). I noticed that when I add the recommended castor oil to the mix it was too sticky and it dries my skin out. Then I follow with jojoba oil mixed with essential carrot seed oil (promotes cell growth and therefore acts as a natural anti-aging remedy). I use Neroli or rose hydrolat as a toner when necessary. I love the fresh face masks from Lush and most of the time use Ayesha or The Sacred Truth. Works like a charm. I still struggle with drinking enough water but when I do my skin gets even better. I am 41 by now and most of the time peole think I am ten years younger then I actually am.

  39. DallasUCMR says:

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  41. I too suffer from acne and my skin is oily. Upon stumbling across the Oil Cleansing Method, I was willing to try anything at this point. I have suffered from acne for about 5 years or more and I am just tired of it. I started with a 70/30 mix at night( Castor Oil/Sunflower Oil). The first two days I noticed it dried my pimples up but then I noticed that I started to see the breakouts coming back. Just fed up with my face in general I did further research into this method. I discovered that a mixture of castor and jojoba oil is better for acne/oil prone skin. I just started using this on Tuesday with lemon juice on my face twice a day and a morning organic honey wash (found out that honey helps with acne). I can already see a major improvement. I will eventually start back using my Indian clay for exfoliation once a week. I will keep the acne prone ladies updated.

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