From time to time readers will ask me about my skin care regimen and I never know quite how to answer. That’s because it changes from week to week, depending on what product I’m reviewing. Sometimes the lack of consistency can be frustrating. Which is why I loved this quote from the late, great Aaliyah, making its way around Tumblr.

Oh to have a skincare regimen that effortless and perfect! There’s no way I could capture mine, products and all, in such succinct terms. So I’ll break it down according to the routine.

I typically cleanse my face at the sink (but sometimes in the shower), and if I’m at the sink I use my Clarisonic and a mild, creamy cleanser. Cetaphil is great for this but I’ve been using my beloved Cor Silver Soap, or Mario Badescu Orange Cleansing Soap of late. It’s mild but effective, and smells like a delicious Creamsicle.

After I cleanse, I need to put on moisturizer pretty much ASAP. I’ve seriously got an arsenal of moisturizers so choosing can either be determined by weather, by what I’m testing that week, or by laziness and proximity. Of late I’m loving everything by Olay, especially their Total Effects Moisture with Cooling Hydration.

I am not big into toners, but if I do feel the need to use a toner I typically use Kiss My Face Balancing Act Facial Toner. Great spray bottle, gentle product. Love it!

At night I usually cleanse my face with a cleansing oil, Bobbi Brown or Shu Uemura are my favorites. And of course, if I have a breakout or a spot I need to use products to suit – Oxy Clinical Clearing Treatment works well and is clear, so if I need to go out and deal with a zit, I love it. If I’m going to bed or staying at home, I still reach for Mario Badescu’s drying lotion.

And that’s pretty much my current skincare regimen. Lately I’ve been noticing that I really need a good facial, but otherwise it’s been working for me. Not quite as effortless as Aaliyah’s regimen, but hey. It’s my skincare reality.

What’s your skincare regimen? Is it complicated, or relatively simple?



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