They’re the bottles and jars you grew up seeing on your mama’s dresser or in your family bathroom cabinet. The products that don’t get buzz about being new, now, or next – because they’ve always been there. The staples. The stand bys. The classics. Although I might incorporate new hot products with more PC ingredients into my arsenal, I always find myself going back to these.

Nivea Creme.

That navy blue jar has been a popular staple on mother’s dresser for the past century – literally. This year Nivea is celebrating 100 years of skincare, and the brand has expanded to include all sorts of amazing bath and lip products recently…but you can still buy that trademark navy blue jar for your dresser, and keep your skin moisturized like millions around the world have for the past 100 years.

Johnson’s Baby Oil .

Many of us with natural hair are like, mineral oil BAD. I will admit to having a bit of a double standard when it comes to mineral oil. I do my absolute best to avoid using it on my hair. But when it comes to using it on my body, I can’t deny that it’s worked for me for a very long time. I know I’m not alone. How many of you use baby oil on your skin, but wouldn’t dare use mineral oil on your hair?

My skin loves baby oil. We’ve got a history that goes way back. One whiff of Johnson’s Baby Oil and I’m remembering brown legs in the sun and days of innocence. Recently I was sent a package of classic Johnson and Johnson’s products and invited to find challenging new ways to use them. The package included Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil Cocoa and Shea Butter, which makes my skin touchably soft when I use it immediately post-shower. And Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel with Shea and Cocoa Butter gives my legs that signature shine for spring into summer skirt and minidress season. Here’s a tip – mix a teeny sprinkle of your favorite golden shimmery eyeshadow or bronzer with your baby oil to give your legs a sexy South Beach caliber look!


While I’m on the topic of beauty products with ingredients that come into question…how many of us have an older relative or grandparent who swore by Vaseline as their beauty secret? There’s a reason it’s been around forever and a day. That’s because Vaseline is the ultimate multi use beauty product. If you need ideas, check out TheGloss for a list of 50 Beautiful Things You Can Do with Vaseline. Just this weekend, an amazing nail tech who was giving me a pedicure, extolled the value of wearing Vaseline on her feet with socks on for an overnight foot softening treatment. I’m all about it.

Ponds Cold Cream.

Forms of cold cream have been used in cosmetics for 2,000 years, and Pond’s Cold Cream has been popular since the 1910’s. Memories of my mom cleaning her face with Pond’s at night led me to buy myself some as I grew older, and it’s become a go-to favorite for me even to this day. I keep a jar in my bedside table drawer, for those nights when I’m too tired to wash my makeup off before bed.

Those are the tried, tested and true moisturizing products I’ve had in my life as far back as I can remember.

What are your thoughts? Do you shun any of these products because of their antiquated ingredients, or do they stay in your rotation too? Did I leave any of your old school, tried and true favorites off the list?

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