The All Of My Purple Life Petition – and Replacement Recommendations

I can’t even quite put into words how AWESOME you guys are. Thanks to your LOVE and PASSION for All Of My Purple Life, my custom, limited edition MAC lipglass sold out not once, but twice. And when it disappeared from, it popped up for three times the price on eBay. And even then, months after it came and went, you kept asking for MORE.

mac purple lipglass all of my purple life afrobella

Now the very appropriately named PurplePeace79 on Twitter has launched a PETITION, simply titled Bring Back “All Of My Purple Life” by Afrobella for MAC, where you can sign and make your purple passion known. And yes, the folks at MAC are aware and are reading!

MAC doesn’t typically do the same thing twice, but hey – maybe the powers that be will realize that there are consumers just waiting for the return of this particular purple! Who knows what tomorrow brings?

In the meantime, I reached out to MAC to get VERY SPECIFIC recommendations for those of you seeking a similarly purple pout. MAC Senior Artist Fatima Thomas (click here to follow her on Twitter!) recommended some substitute shades to All My Purple Life.

“Permanent MAC Cosmetics makeup shades that provide a color similar to the All My Purple Life shade include the following:

Eye Shadows: Creme de Violet or Vibrant Grape

Lipstick: Rebel, Violetta, or Up The Amp.”

Thanks, Fatima!

And may I add, I also happen to love the Dazzleglass in Date Night or Funtabulous? And if you can find Ban This! from the Dare to Wear collection, GET IT, cause it’s HOT.

I hope that helps those of you who need a purple fix ASAP! Signing the petition is an awesome way to let MAC know we the people want more purples!

And me? I have awesome ideas for a full makeup collection next — lips, eyes, nails!! I have dreams of collaborating with a major brand, but which one? I’m open to your suggestions, bellas. And I ALWAYS appreciate your support!

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  1. Awesome! I love MAC and I enjoy following your work. Kudos!

  2. I hope it returns! I love the colour- purple is my fave colour! My sis and I did buy the lipglass before it sold out, but we’re stuck once they are empty!

  3. Awesome news! My fingers didn’t click fast enough the other times, so I’m happy to petition All of My Purple Life back into circulation. I can’t wait to purchase and hopefully this time around it won’t be so limited. Thanks Patrice, thanks @PurplePeace79 and thanks Mac for listening.

    – Seleema

  4. You are a beauty force to be reckoned with! In the meantime I will savor the All Of My Purple Life that remains in the tube! Continued success!

  5. Denise Butler says:

    I was unable to get one to try and I really wanted one! It was definitely a color outside of what I would normally buy. But wanted to support Afrobella and try something new!

    I signed the petition in hopes that they add it.

  6. It is now time for Afrobella And Mac to collaborate on a colour palette set that can satisfy her followers, profit MAC and perhaps give part of the proceeds to a Charity chosen by Afrobella – 2012 here it comes!

  7. Sherry Blossom says:

    YAY!!! I signed!! As far as collaborations I think you and Sam Fine who is the Creative Director of Fashion Fair will catapult that brand to amazingly awesome heights!!!

    Or MUFE. I can also see you totally reviving Elizabeth Arden and bringing ALL women into the mix!

    Congrats on all your success

  8. Collab with MAC, it’s the only line I constantly purchase again and again! And for me that’s saying something since my makeup is limited… can’t even say I have a collection yet :-)

  9. As a woman who doesn’t wear makeup much, I bought All of My Purple Life to support you when it was first released. It’s such a beautiful color, and I finally wore it for the first time in the pictures of today’s post on my blog. I love it and can’t wait to wear it again!

    I wish you many many blessings, and WHEN you develop your collection, be sure to include fun nail polish, because that is my beauty product addiction :-).

  10. I love All of My Purple Life!!! I regret only purchasing one; I hope they bring it back, if they do I’m gonna purchase a bunch ;). I heard a rumor that MAC is going to have a poll thing where people can request to bring back items from older collections… if they do have it I am gonna DEF ask for AMPL to return!

  11. warrior11209 says:

    Signed the petition and since I missed purchasing “All of My Purple Life the last go round, I am really hoping that it becomes a permanent fixture to the MAC Lipglass collection!!!!!!!!

  12. AFROBELLA for URBAN DECAY!!! AFROBELLA for NARS (and all the pieces can be cities/towns in Trinidad!!!) <——- patent that idea. i want my cut from francois!!!

  13. crystal g. says:

    OH YES! Just signed it!!!

  14. Saw the info on twitter and I signed right away. Never got a chance to buy All of My Purple Life

  15. I may be in minority here, but there really needs to be a natural, high-end line of cosmetics for women of color. The choices that are out there meager, and the color selection for darker women is abysmal. I’m sure there women out there who are concerned about reducing the amount of petrochemicals that are applied topically, not to mention those who are dealing with cancer issues and need their beauty aids to be nontoxic.

    The idea isn’t glamourous, and I don’t know if it’s profitable, but there is a need for women of color. Just something to consider. Btw, I bought your purple lip glass for my niece who loved it, MAC should definitely bring it back!

  16. I love Mac & would love to see our line their but where ever you go I’ll be sure to follow! Congrats!

  17. I really hope they will consider it!! I’m glad to help. This is my FAVORITE lip color of ALL time.

    Thank you :)

  18. Not only is your All Of My Purple Life Lipglass an amazingly striking burst of color that every girl should wear at least once, it makes accessorizing around a purple pout so much fun! Pairng the bold hue of your lipglass with the perfect lilac chandelier earrings and matching neck piece is oh so irresistible! Congrats on the success of such a fabulous comsetic accessory!

  19. all of my purple life did not do much for me!!!

  20. I missed out both times so I would appreciate a reprisal of ‘All of My Purple Life’. I could definitely use it in my LIFE! I’m off to sign the petition cause people were buying this stuff up like candy and slow people like me missed out not once but twice!

  21. says:

    Fashion Fair makes sense. Sam Fine already knows you and you have the kind of following that could help to revive the brand and make it relevant to younger women. You could help make FF cool again. Maybe a limited edition palette at sephora or ulta.

  22. Yay !!!

    Finally was able to buy one.

    I feel like going back and buying more to hoard. Think I’m gonna luv it.

  23. Purple is my fave color and I’m devastated I didn’t get a chance to cop my own All of My Purple Life. Hopefully, they’ll bring it back, so I can get it, too!! As far as Collaborations, I’d say Urban Decay. They have bold, rich colors, they don’t test on animals (they even have loads of Vegan colors) and their pigments are very rich. They also invest a lot more time and money in making their limited release packages looks really cool and unique.


    ~Kitten <–listen to my music here!

  24. Afrobella collaboration with Sam Fine on your own makeup line, or at minimum let Sam Fine make the recommendation. But I want you , Sam and the manufacturer in joint venture. I think you’d have more push in the industry if you collaborate.
    Good luck

  25. I missed out on All of my Purple Life both times when it was available. I agreed with the posters who would like for you to collaborate with Sam Fine to launch a campaign with Fashion Fair cosmetics. Three other great lines that I wish that you could partake in promotions with are Smashbox, Makeup Forever, and Illamasqua. I would love to see these 2 companies start to represent the woman of color via means such as advertising.

  26. Hi Afrobella. After playing around with some lippies I was able to create a very close dupe for All of My Purple Life. Thought those that missed out might be interested. I mixed MAC Go For It Lipstick (You may also use MAC Pro Long Wear Lipcreme in Goes and Goes which is a dupe)with NYX African Queen Megashine Lipgloss. You can see pics on my blog here…

  27. If anyone owns the gloss you can send a small amount to Three Custom Color they can duplicate the color.

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