I can’t even quite put into words how AWESOME you guys are. Thanks to your LOVE and PASSION for All Of My Purple Life, my custom, limited edition MAC lipglass sold out not once, but twice. And when it disappeared from MACCosmetics.com, it popped up for three times the price on eBay. And even then, months after it came and went, you kept asking for MORE.

mac purple lipglass all of my purple life afrobella

Now the very appropriately named PurplePeace79 on Twitter has launched a PETITION, simply titled Bring Back “All Of My Purple Life” by Afrobella for MAC, where you can sign and make your purple passion known. And yes, the folks at MAC are aware and are reading!

MAC doesn’t typically do the same thing twice, but hey – maybe the powers that be will realize that there are consumers just waiting for the return of this particular purple! Who knows what tomorrow brings?

In the meantime, I reached out to MAC to get VERY SPECIFIC recommendations for those of you seeking a similarly purple pout. MAC Senior Artist Fatima Thomas (click here to follow her on Twitter!) recommended some substitute shades to All My Purple Life.

“Permanent MAC Cosmetics makeup shades that provide a color similar to the All My Purple Life shade include the following:

Eye Shadows: Creme de Violet or Vibrant Grape

Lipstick: Rebel, Violetta, or Up The Amp.”

Thanks, Fatima!

And may I add, I also happen to love the Dazzleglass in Date Night or Funtabulous? And if you can find Ban This! from the Dare to Wear collection, GET IT, cause it’s HOT.

I hope that helps those of you who need a purple fix ASAP! Signing the petition is an awesome way to let MAC know we the people want more purples!

And me? I have awesome ideas for a full makeup collection next — lips, eyes, nails!! I have dreams of collaborating with a major brand, but which one? I’m open to your suggestions, bellas. And I ALWAYS appreciate your support!



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