Who’s Coming to Fro Fashion Week?

I’m so excited for February!! At the beginning of the month, I’ll be headed to Atlanta. Yours truly is the keynote speaker at Fro Fashion Week!

I’ll be speaking on Saturday, February 4. The topic? Bloggers, Brands, and Brunch! If you’re coming to the event, I’d love to hear from you. What would you like me to address?

I’ll be in the A for most of the Fro Fashion Week festivities, and so will quite a few of my friends and favorite people in the natural hair blogosphere! Kim Coles is hosting the Saturday night penthouse party, my homie for life Felicia Leatherwood will be there, and many of Atlanta’s top natural hair bloggers will be in the house. This is more than just a celebration of fabulousity — there is MUCH to learn, and an awesome series of workshops to get involved in.

Click here to get your tickets, click here to follow Fro Fashion Week on Twitter, and click here to like them on Facebook.

Hope to see you in early February, bellas!

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  1. wow. this is cool.

  2. I am unfortunately too far away to attend this event, but having been a keen reader of your blog for a while, I’d love to have seen you speak.

    It would be great if you could blogcast it.

    Good luck :D

  3. I will be attending Fro Fashion week! I am most looking forward to your bloggers lunch! I would love to hear about your journey blogging, trial and errors.

  4. I’ll be there too! For the weekend stuff.

  5. This sounds really cool. I wish I could go, but I’m way up in Boston. But, I too hopes you can do a podcast.

    Side note: why does the flyer have nothing to do with Afros or Fashion. It made me chuckle.

  6. I’m interested in attending. I stumbled across this looking for things to do in Atlanta, since this is my first time visiting. This is perfect for me since I’ll be hitting my 1yr natural mark!

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