Octavia Spencer – Red Carpet Beauty Secrets!

Octavia Spencer has been making waves on the red carpet, but in my opinion – not for the right reasons.

Nobody wants to talk about how beautiful she is, how luminous her skin is, or what she’s wearing. The media is obsessed with issues like weight, size, and how many pairs of Spanx she may or may not be wearing. For the record, Octavia addressed it all very eloquently via her Facebook page — click here to read how she feels about all of THAT. And click here to join the Octavia Spencer fan page!

When I see Octavia Spencer on the red carpet, I see a woman I can relate to. A woman who looks amazing, and has beautiful hair, makeup, and a fabulous dress on — Tadashi Shoji at the SAG’s and at the Golden Globes (will she rock Tadashi at the Oscars, too? Can’t wait to see!)

Octavia Spencer’s makeup artist is the beautiful Val Noble — follow her on Twitter @MissValNoble! I contacted her to ask the hard hitting beauty questions. Like, how did this beautiful relationship begin?

“I met Octavia 6 years ago on the set of a Comedy Central show. I was doing hair and makeup and we stayed in touch after the show and she called me when ever she needed her makeup done or to have some foundation mixed up for her.”

Now that awards season has kicked into high gear, Val Noble is a BUSY woman. Val is a self-taught makeup artist with over 30 years experience doing hair, and she was involved in Octavia’s looks for both the SAG’s and the Golden Globes. “Because I do both hair and make-up, sometimes I have to do one or the other. For the SAG awards I did her hair (The fabulous bun). For the Golden Globes, I did her makeup.”

Here’s the official breakdown on Octavia’s Golden Globes look!

“For foundation I used Iman stick foundation on the T-zone, cheek area and Nars Sheer Matte Foundation in Benares blended out on the forehead and jawline.

Powder is next because you need it to set the makeup and stop shine. Most women need 2 colors because the T-zone, cheek area and forehead jawline are a different colors. I use Nars pressed powder in Mountain on the T-zone and pressed powder in Heat on the forehead and jawline.

I used an ELF pro mini eyeshadow palette for her eyes. Matte mauve on the lid, black along the lash line to outer corners close to the brow bone and a light shimmer right under the brow arch. Individual lashes and Fluidline gel liner by Mac in Blacktrack.

Cheeks are a Mac powder blush in Fever. And Lips are lined with Iman Luxury Lip Pencil in Tan and Nars Lip Gloss in Fever.

My favorite make-up brands are Nars, Elf, NYX, Revlon and L’Oreal. The drugstore brands are pretty nice nowadays, especially the lip colors and mascaras. The Pro Brands do a little better with eye shadows, blushes (deeper pigments) and foundations (more colors for darker skins).”

I loved her mix of high and low, drugstore and department store! That’s my kinda makeup! I had to ask Val her advice for me, seeing as I’m headed to the Oscar red carpet for the very first time.

“For your Oscar look you can’t go wrong with a muted eye with lots of lashes and a nice eyeliner winged up in the corners. I am in love with the new brighter lip colors which will give you a fresh new look with the muted eye. If you want to take it up a notch, add a glitter shimmer on the lid only. It will give a hint of shine and twinkle when you blink. Make sure to have some blotting papers on hand…. They are perfect for absorbing shine without over powdering.” GREAT advice, Val!! Thank you so much!!

For up and coming artists, Val also offered stellar advice: “For a new artist, I would say to never give up… make sure to work neat and clean (clean your brushes after every client), and don’t be afraid to try something new. Sometimes you can use blush for eyeshadow, or eyeshadow for eyebrows or contouring, etc. Also make friends with other successful artists because when they get busy, they will need help.”

For more of Val’s AMAZING work check out her bi-monthly magazine RegardMag.com or follow them on Twitter @RegardMagazine. For more of Val’s awesomeness, follow her @MissValNoble.

Can’t wait to see Octavia Spencer at the Oscars! My fingers and toes are crossed for an interview opportunity!

What was your fave of Octavia’s red carpet looks, bellas?

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  1. I have to say I loved the lavender Tadashi Shoji, but I also like her in David Meister.

  2. You are on it, bella! I agree—she has been slaying the red carpet. So happy you were able to chat with her makeup artist and get the details on her makeup! :D

  3. I personally would like to see Octavia in younger fresher clothes, hair and makeup. I think what she’s doing now is a little stale and aging and she could look even better. I agree her skin is beautiful and so are her big doe eyes which I wish she’d emphasize more.

  4. sheila Oshuntuyi says:

    I was so glad that Octavia was on the best dressed list on “fashion police” loved her SAGS dress better than the golden globes…she looked stunning!

    Thanks for sharing her makeup rundown too Afrobella…her skin was flawless!

  5. I love your blog and have followed you since the beginning. Your posts are incredibly positive, sensitive and intelligent. That said, may I take issue with your characterization that “nobody” is noticing how great Octavia Spender looks? In, everyone is. I admit I was pleasantly surprised to see just how much mainstream media and many blogs were giving her props after the SAG awards. Huffington Post said she shined. Latimes blog said she and Viola were best dressed, as did yahoo and radaronline and gofugyourself.From Tulsa to the UK, she was on everyone’s best dressed lists. Stylenews said she “dazzled.” Just Google Octavia Spencer and Best Dressed and you’ll see.

    • When I Google Octavia Spencer (without Best Dressed) all that comes up are articles about her weight and her health and how many pairs of Spanx she wears. Maybe I overstated it without doing additional searches but the preponderance of actual articles after the standard best dresses lists seemed to focus on weight and size, and I think Octavia herself felt the same as she addressed it via her Facebook page.

      I really, really hope to interview her on the red carpet to ask her about her process of finding the right dress!

      Thanks for commenting!

  6. I wasn’t aware that she had written this piece – thanks for posting! Here’s hoping that you will get your opportunity to interview her at the Oscars!!!!

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