Live, From The Academy Awards!

Bellas and fellas — within the last three days I can’t begin to tell you how many celebrities Luvvie and I have met. From Thursday’s Essence Women in Film luncheon to Friday’s absolutely incredible Commander in Chic cocktail party and dinner hosted by Mikki Taylor, to Saturday’s Uptown Magazine 20th Anniversary of Boomerang party… it has been a very surreal and exciting experience. I promise to share EVERYTHING when I’m back next week. Right now…today…it’s OSCAR DAY!!!

Yours truly will be live tweeting from the red carpet and backstage! To follow our adventures on Twitter, click here to follow me @Afrobella, click here to follow @LuvvieIG, and click here to follow our hashtag #LuvBellaLA.

And you can also follow right here — if you use the hashtag #LuvBellaLA your tweets will appear right here on Afrobella along with mine and Luvvie’s!!

The first thing I did this morning after showering and washing my hair, was to call my husband and my parents. My mom and dad have said special prayers for me, so I know today will be AWESOME :)

I’m just so excited to be there! Who will I get to interview? I’m hoping for George Clooney, Octavia Spencer, and Viola Davis — who I HOPE rocks her natural hair proudly on the red carpet!!

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  1. So proud, happy and excited to know that you are at Oscars!!! All the best! Love you.

  2. Congrats!

    And have fun for all of us watching from afar!!

  3. This is awesome Patrice!I am too proud of you and the brand you’ve created! God is good and is blessing you indeed!!

  4. What an exciting adventure! I’m so happy for you and Luv! And, although I know you were way busy, I hope you were able to find a few moments to just take it all in and marvel at your own accomplishments. This is only the beginning for you-I KNOW IT!

  5. Congrats! Enjoy the moment

  6. OMG! So proud of you!! This is HUGE!


  7. Good job ladies, you guys both looked great on the Red Carpet.

  8. Sherry Blossom says:

    This was so awesomely amazing to watch and experience with you! Cheers to you both!! MUCHO LOVE!!! Thank you for dreaming big and showing others that we can dream too…I can’t wait to see where your dreams carry you next…I can’t wait to experience my own dreams…. :)

  9. You looked gorgeous!

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