This year in addition to New Year’s resolutions, I also recently made some summer resolutions. Meaning, I plan to learn to do the summertime things I’ve never mastered. Things like jumping rope and hula hooping. I even took my Hoopnotica set out of the closet, intending to attempt hooping again (thank the Lord no video evidence exists of my earlier attempts).

And here comes Amazing Grace Jones to show us how it’s REALLY done. At the Queen’s Jubilee concert, the now 64 year old diva hula hooped through her whole performance and stunted on EVERYONE. Let Grace Jones put you up on game.

Grace Jones is inspiring me to be great and work on my summer resolutions! I kinda doubt that I’ll be hula hooping for like four minutes when I’m 64….but hey. At least now I have a goal!

There’s an official Grace Jones twitter account @Miss_GraceJones, but I wish Grace HERSELF was on Twitter! You KNOW her timeline would be a riot!

Thank you for showing us all how your 60’s can be DONE!

** photo source 1 and photo source 2



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