Once you experience a no-chip manicure, it’s SO hard to go back. Once you’ve discovered the freedom of perfectly dry, manicured nails within a second of having finished painting them, once you’re able to get your money out of your wallet post-mani without destroying your nails….you’re HOOKED. And it lasts for two weeks which makes no-chips SO PERFECT for the summer when you’re out running the streets.

I’ve tried quite a few no-chip manicures ever since my first foray in 2011. I keep coming back to CND’s Shellac. And especially NOW that the color range has expanded and new techniques are possible, I’m LOVING it. Forget the old subdued Shellac of yore. The new Shellac allows for brighter colors, foil, and GLITTER. Behold, my Purple POW manicure, as created by Lauri Allore of Michigan!

The last time I met Lauri, she gave me something sexy and subtle that we dubbed the French Midnight manicure. This time, there were so many more colors and finishes that we were able to craft the kind of manicure I go GAGA for, using glitter and foil, and two layers of purple polishes by CND.

Here’s what we used to create this look!

First Lauri buffed and shaped my nails to perfection, and used the ever popular CND Solar Oil to get my cuticles in tip top shape. Then she layered on CND colors Purple Purple and Rock Royalty. Then she used two colors of foil – one purple, one fuschia. And then she added a little white iridescent glitter amongst the foil for the POW.


Here I am with Lauri and Jan Arnold, co-creator of CND!


Bellas, this is my DREAM manicure. Purple nails that will last for two weeks, with this kind of bling factor? HEAVEN.

In November CND will release six new shades of Shellac polish, including sexy shimmers and metallics in colors like emerald and purple. LOVE.

And guess what, Chicago bellas? You can get your OWN Shellac manicure at the Taste of Chicago this week!

CND will have an exclusive, pop up-salon offering complimentary CND Shellac™ Power Polish™ manicures at the TASTE from July 11 – 15. If you get a manicure, you also will receive a gift of SolarOil™, and you could win a CND Shellac manicure at a participating local CND Certified Salon through daily drawings at the pop-up salon.

To find out more about the CND Shellac pop-up salon, visit cnd.com/stcchicago/taste, or on Facebook.

Do you love these nails as much as I do? Are you a no-chip fan? Talk to me!



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