The first time I met Sam Fine was here in Chicago at the first Fine Day of Beauty — a truly special event put together by the lovely Chicago based makeup artist Viola Nicholson. The event was AMAZING. Sam Fine was already a makeup superstar to me, but seeing him speak is just next level incredible. Sam is warm, wise, funny, and informative beyond measure. Watching him work LIVE gives you so much insight to his genius. For a makeup artist, it’s an immeasurably inspiring experience. For a beauty blogger or makeup fan, it shows you possibilities you may not have even known were there.

It’s reductive to say Sam Fine is EVERYTHING, but he is. A legendary makeup artist and visionary in the field of beauty. An accomplished author of a makeup artist bible and creator of one of the most respected makeup DVDs in the game. The man responsible for bringing a venerable makeup brand back like a phoenix from the ashes. A mentor to many, including myself. I’m so honored to know and love Sam as a friend, as well as an icon of the industry.

Sam is coming BACK to Chicago for Another Fine Day on October 27, and if you’re into beauty in any capacity, you really should get your tickets and GO. Viola Nicholson’s events are truly special. “My events are different because I listen, I care, I care about the craft, my craft and my vision. I share for all to grow, build and network…I want all to experience greatness and Sam is giving us that opportunity and I’m very grateful to him. I’m hoping all feel the love, and are inspired, and empowered. Feeling Fine Beauty, take that love, flow with that great energy and take their approach to the next level,” says Viola. You can get your official tickets here and visit the Facebook event page for more information and details.

And for ongoing insight online follow Sam Fine on Twitter @SamFineBeauty, on Facebook here, and on Instagram @iamsamfine. Believe me when I tell you, he is the very definition of awesome!