SheaMoisture has been one of my favorite hair and bodycare (and now makeup) brands for a long time now. It’s been a truly beautiful thing to watch this family owned brand expand into the industry giant that it’s become, to watch their products fly off the shelves at retailers like Walgreens, Target, Sally Beauty and Ulta.

The one issue for me as a consumer is, there are SO many SheaMoisture labels to choose from, so many new ingredient blends that it seems my hair and body could love. Which to try next? Chicago fans of the brand got to answer that question themselves this summer – from August 1 until the 15th, there’s a pop up SheaMoisture store where the full spectrum of their brightly colored labels gets to shine. There have been a series of events to celebrate, and last Saturday I hosted the first ever Entrepreneurial Appreciation Day Event at the store. If you came, then you know it was a great event! If you didn’t, let me share the fun with you!


SheaMoisture Chicago Afrobella

Here I am with Richlieu Dennis, CEO of SheaMoisture. He’s a fascinating and thoughtful guy, and seemed genuinely happy about Entrepreneurial Appreciation Day!


When CCO Emmet Dennis introduced me, he spoke in truly warm and glowing terms. I was truly touched and honored. Such a beautiful beginning to what I hope to be an annual affair!

The concept of Entrepreneurial Appreciation Day was to celebrate the Community Commerce efforts of SheaMoisture and to celebrate the local community of entrepreneurs. SheaMoisture reached out to some of my favorite Chicago entrepreneurs to participate. Allow me to introduce you to some of Chicago’s finest!


SheaMoisture Chicago Afrobella Standout Style

Here I am with Tamika Price, stylist extraordinare and the owner of Standout Style boutique, such a genuinely sweet person! She sold jewelry and accessories at the event.


SheaMoisture Chicago Afrobella Shontay Pinder

This is Chicago designer Shontay Pinder, with a rack of beautiful clothes for sale! I told her I NEED that SKIRT!



This is Kelley “KFleye” Mosely, designer of truly unique leather and metal jewelry and accessories! She is so sweet!


SheaMoisture Chicago Afrobella

Artist and jewelry designer Marissa Kendrick of Deleay Lashay was there and created this piece live during the event!


SheaMoisture Chicago Afrobella Justice of the Pies

Maya-Camille may be familiar to Afrobella readers – she used to write art posts here. Now she’s got an amazing business with Justice of the Pies and if you’ve never tried a slice, FIND HER and BUY ONE. That sweet potato will make you holla! MCB is the MVP. So glad she blessed us last Saturday with complimentary pie for all!

As part of Entrepreneurial Appreciation Day, we also had a specially curated art show by the amazing Janice Bond. “On Beauty, Being & Beyond” featured local artists and empowering work. Here’s artist Martha Wade with her beautiful multimedia piece.


SheaMoisture Chicago Afrobella art


Artist Reisha created this beautiful piece here.




Both artists sold their work!! SO great!

I tried to put my hands up to take a shot to show how full the room was, and this was the best I could do. Because I am of average height (at best).



Chicago’s own Sam Trump came through to bless us with soulful tunes. He sings, plays guitar, AND then whips out a trumpet like no big deal! Check him out here on Instagram. Sam is going places!



All during the event, there was a 10% discount off SheaMoisture’s wonderful Community Commerce products, proceeds from which benefit their initiatives in Northern Ghana and beyond.

My bestie Luvvie came through and struck the perfect blogger pose! Sorry for the blurry pic but it was SO cute. Had to share!



Some of my favorite people in Chicago rolled through and it was a pleasure to see so many of my friends! Here I am with Chakka AKA Freedom Reeves and Tracie Hall of the city of Chicago!




At the end of every event, you want to know that the person you’ve worked with is happy. And I think my friends at SheaMoisture felt the same way.

It truly was a special day and I hope, the beginning of an annual affair. Thanks to SheaMoisture for the opportunity!


August 14, 2015, 11:27 pm
Cute photos :) BLOG M&M FASHION BITES : Maria V.
pets says:
August 15, 2015, 9:51 am
This is what I am saying! This was a win win for the Shea Group, the entrepreneurs who participated, the community and Afrobella. The event looked fun and educational also. Hoping to see more of these collaborations.
Serema says:
August 19, 2015, 1:14 pm
As a family just beginning in the natural hair care industry Rich is such an inspiration. It's great to see US work together, network, host events and really just to see black entrepreneurs get after at!! Together! That native piece by Reisha is unreal!! kindly,
MY says:
August 23, 2015, 2:04 am
I need suggestions for a new Las Vegas hair salon with real stylists.