The weather in Chicago is being described as “seasonally cool,” which basically translates to freezing cold with snow and/or ice on the ground so watch out because everything is slippery. If you live in a northern clime, this is the time of year to bundle ALL the way up if you’re heading outdoors. Lucky for us, there are so many fabulous and unique options in winter wear and gear, made by women of color! Here is a list of hats, sweaters and scarves made by women like us who are also familiar with wintertime climates and our specific hair and style needs at this time of year. Check out my picks!

Photo source Loza Tam

  Loza Tam makes gorgeous satin-lined headbands and pre-wrapped turbans, using African print fabric. Perfect for bold style expression in bleak winter!

Photo source Grace Eleyae

Grace Eleyaes satin lined caps AKA SLAPS are popular for a good reason. They’re made with quality and they last — some wear them out on their own, others use their satin lined cap under a bigger winter hat. It’s up to you how you rock it!

Photo credit Shepiji

Shepiji makes some of my favorite hand-knit satin-lined winter hats. Chunky, funky, warm and accommodating for big hair! And you can get a cowl to match.

Photo credit Quelly Rue

Quelly Rue is one of my favorite indie brands, I truly have watched her grow and innovate her line in all kinds of fun, whimsical directions. Her sweatshirts are staples in my wardrobe every winter, and I always get compliments when I wear them!

Photo credit Shipella

Shipella — designer Grace Shipella makes really unique and cool African inspired sweatshirts for men and women. Whenever I wear my Shipella sweatshirt, I get questions about where it came from!

Photo credit D’IANYU

D’IANYU makes really unique African athleisure, including sweatshirts and joggers for him and her, and the classic dashiki in sweatshirt form.

Photo credit Feeling Moody

Feeling Moody scarves are super thick, handmade and of incredible quality. She’s got a really cool aesthetic and knows cold weather needs!

Photo source Yokoo

Yokoo scarves are such a unique, bold statement for the season, super thick and long! She also makes incredible blankets and throws in really vibrant prints. I love her aesthetic, she is a true artist who has paved the way for many!

Photo source Larkin & Larkin

Larkin and Larkin‘s rainbow scarves never fail to turn heads! Her scarves are beautiful, distinctive, super warm and come in a variety of links and color varieties. Love her style!

Photo source LadieLoops

Ladieloops is based here in Chicago so please know she KNOWS cold weather and the need for warmth in winter. Her scarves are thick and bold, with distinctive details.

Photo credit @steenfox

Sanctuary Decor is the product line by popular and insightful Twitter friend to many @Steenfox —  she makes really gorgeous, thick and eye-catching blankets and scarves out of merino wool.

Photo source DoubleStitchTwins

Double Stitch Twins are the OG’s of the indie knit and crochet market if you ask me — they even have a book on the topic! Their aesthetic is truly for the bold and their crochet is intended not just for winter, but as chic accents throughout the year.

Do you know of another indie sweater, sweatshirt, scarf or winter hat brand by WOC? Please let me know in the comments below!


Pets says:
January 29, 2018, 7:14 pm
Beautiful colours and fabrics! This brightened up my day and I live in the Caribbean.
Hairy says:
January 31, 2018, 1:51 am
I love this colorful scarf from 9'th photo