There are TWO New I Love My Hair teeshirts!


Just so you know! I think this baby blue one is the CUTEST YET. And the gray is pretty awesome too! AHEM, Sesame Street, I’m ready for you to come out with a doll already! And a children’s book (available on Kindle and V-Tech, too!) and more segments involving this adorable doll. If there’s any […]

Say a Little Prayer for Aretha Franklin

young aretha franklin

When the news hit that she was sick and had been hospitalized, many assumed they knew the cause. I heard two Chicago-area DJs LOLing on live radio about the possible cosmetic reasons and their expected outcome of Aretha Franklin’s hospital stay. I wonder how they’re feeling now that the news has been released. The Queen […]

5 Black Female Cartoon Characters You Should Know


This past week on Facebook, just about everyone I knew changed their avatar to a cartoon character. The intent behind the animation, was to raise awareness of child abuse. While I am often skeptical of Facebook-driven awareness campaigns (the main question being – OK, NOW what?) I found this campaign to be quite cute and […]

Titi, Miko, and the Miss Jessie’s BOGO!

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I’ve been writing this here blog for four years now, and I’ve learned that there are a few products that bring out a natural hair junkie’s cravings and opinions more than Miss Jessie’s. Whether it’s the Curly Pudding or the Baby Buttercreme or the Rapid Recovery Treatment – there’s a Miss Jessie’s product that natural […]

How to Wear Nicki Minaj and MAC’s Pink Friday

MAC + Nicki Minaj Launch Pink Friday Lipstick

I’m not here to discuss Nicki Minaj’s music or to present an analysis or spoken word poem about her as an artist…this post is all about the lipstick. Nicki Minaj and MAC just came out with a lipstick, in honor of her album Pink Friday. Pink Friday is a very girly, very opaque satin pink. […]

Hairstylist Kenneth Walker Speaks His Mind on Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls

Kenneth Walker and Afrobella

My IT&LY Hairfashion experience was truly epic and amazing on many levels. Not only did I get to go to Vegas and enjoy the VIP experience, not only did I get my hair done by an award winning stylist…but I got to meet and interview and bond with some of the most incredibly accomplished hairstylists […]

Rachel Roy’s AHA Moment


Recently, gorgeous and fabulous fashion designer had what Oprah might call, an “aha moment.” No, it didn’t come during my interview with her about plus size fashion (although I’m hoping inspiration struck there…HEY Rachel!). And it didn’t happen last night when she was on Project Runway. (did you see her? HEY Rachel!) Rachel’s moment came […]