Afrobella of the Month – Amanda Diva

My question is, is there anything Amanda Diva can’t do? She can rap. She can sing. She can spit a mean spoken word verse. She’s a blogger and a cable television personality, and an internet television personality and an artist. She’s a hip hop diva with Caribbean roots who isn’t afraid to blaze her own […]

The Glorious Return of Afrobella of the Month — Janelle Monae

One of my resolutions for 2009 is to take Afrobella to the next level. I started hot and heavy in 2006, but I found myself becoming overwhelmed, which resulted in a feeling of inability. I had a vision of a YouTube Channel where I could upload concert videos, beauty tips, and especially, especially awesome interviews […]

Afrobella of the Month — Alison Hinds, The Other Barbadian Music Goddess

Rihanna is fly. Rihanna is beautiful. Rihanna is becoming quite sexy. I say becoming, because compared to Alison Hinds, the reigning queen of soca, Rihanna is still not yet a woman (despite her newly acquired penchant for voguing in fetish gear). Alison Hinds has that grown and sexy thing down pat, and she’s been one […]

Afrobella of the Month — Najwa Moses, Styleaholic and Icon-in-the-making

Najwa Moses is striking. Najwa Moses is bold. Najwa Moses lives her life full speed ahead. She’s working hard towards making herself a brand, and from the interview we had a week or so ago, I’m convinced she knows what she’s doing. She’s a podcaster, a videopodcaster, a writer, a fashionista, a marketing maven, a […]

Afrobella of the Month — Nikki Giovanni

Brash, brilliant, brave, beautiful – Nikki Giovanni is all that and then some. You could run through a whole dictionary of adjectives on this proud afrobella of note. She was once known as “the princess of black poetry,” but now, she’s undoubtedly the queen. Nikki Giovanni helped to pave the way for today’s generation of […]

Afrobella of the Month* — Farai Chideya

NPR junkies are a dedicated lot. I’ve known some who lull their latchkey pets with A Prairie Home Companion on busy weekends. I’ve known others who are utterly obsessed with Ira Glass. NPR fanatics drive to work with Diane Rehm and come home with News and Notes, hosted by the razor-sharp Farai Chideya. If you’re […]

Add This to Your Record Collection

My Afrobella of the Week needed more cookin’ in the kitchen. This is a woman I have a whole lot of respect for, so I want to come correct. And I want her post to kick off the week right, so I’m making the editorial decision to hold off on Afrobella of the Week this […]