Catching Up With “C”

After tackling an Ask Afrobella, it’s always great to catch up with the person who wrote to me with a question. The questioning bella formerly known as “C” replied to the encouraging comments all of you left on the A Most Unique Ask Afrobella post. Here’s that comment in its entirety, in case you missed […]

Memory Lane

Because the Black Weblog Award I yearn to win the most is the Best Writing in a Blog category, because today is the last day to vote, and also because I just celebrated my second bloggiversary, I figured now would be a great time to stroll down memory lane and share some of the Afrobella […]

Happy Anniversary, Afrobellas!

Two years ago, I was exhausted. I’d stayed up all night writing my very first post and trying to learn how to embed a video on my brand new blog. I figured, what were the odds of anyone feeling like I do about Josephine Baker? I came to find out, they were much better than […]

The Things We Do For Beauty

We preen, pluck, and primp. We go on insane and obviously unhealthy diets. We shove our feet into pointy toed high heel shoes that can cause long term health effects, and pay a pretty penny for that pleasure. We get our wrinkles disguised from the inside out with fillers, or we have known poisons injected […]

What’s Your Go-To Dinner?

I am a regular reader of The Root, and being the domestic bella that I am, I particularly enjoyed Veronica Chambers column, The Nest. I’m a little heartbroken that she’s ending it today. (But she just started an ADORABLE children’s clothing line! Good for you, Veronica!) Anyhoo, she did a post in June that got […]

Blog Sister Love

Afrobella really just started out as a whimsical avenue for self expression. I didn’t expect to develop such a vibrant, wonderful readership, and I definitely didn’t expect to discover a kind of sisterhood in blogging. In my earliest days, I found inspiration and support in some blogs, and an online friendship with some others. Now […]

Afrobella Wins a Fabbie!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! In January I proudly announced that I was nominated for a Fabbie Award — the first ever fashion and lifestyle blogger-created and organized awards, created by the internet superstars of Fashiontribes, Bag Snob and Manolo’s Shoeblog. I am thrilled to announce that thanks to you, beautiful, wonderful bellas and […]