You’re Reading the Best Beauty Blog!

…According to you guys and the Glam Network, that is! That’s right, bellas — thanks to your support, yours truly won the title of Best in Beauty in this year’s Glam Network Awards! And a big ol’ photo of me is the front page photo on the slide show! Wow, wow, wow. Thank you all […]

The Afrobella Guide to the Florida Keys

Hello, bellas and fellas! I’m back, and this is where I spent most of my last weekend. On the beach in the fabulous Florida Keys! This year will mark a decade that I’ve lived in Miami, and consequently, I’ve gone on many a jaunt down to the Keys. We typically go camping in Big Pine […]

Do You Pre-Poo?

For years, I did hot oil and deep conditioning treatments after shampooing and conditioning my hair. That was just the way my hairdressers always did it — wash, condition, THEN slather on oil, stick me under a dryer or bonnet or weird spaceman hot lamp until I’m done, then rinse and repeat. I never questioned […]

Honored to be Nominated!

I am so excited! Afrobella has been nominated for a Glam Network Award, in the Best Beauty category. I gotta admit, this means a lot to me — Afrobella isn’t a typical “beauty” blog by any means, and in some ways, broadening the scope of my content has led to automatic exclusion from various networks […]

Back From Hippieville

Wow, wow, wow. That may have been the best birthday ever. I had a blast, and returned from Hippieville to an overflowing inbox of birthday wishes from all of you!! YAY!!! Thank you all so much for making my life richer. Seriously! I will post so much more about Langerado when I have the energy […]

Meeting Billy B

I’ve been pretty much obsessed with the makeup wizardry of Billy B. since I first saw the video for Lauryn Hill’s Ex-Factor. Or no wait, it was Missy Elliott’s “She’s a Bitch.” Or maybe it was the video for Independent Women by Destiny’s Child. When I was soaking up all that beauty inspiration, I had […]

Photo By Request

So after the Tomoka’s Twists unique chic post, you bellas have made her sales go through the roof! MiMi, the designer behind the unique hair accessories contacted me and said the orders have been rolling in so fast, she’s out of stock on some items. She also wanted to explain how to wear them. “Everyone […]