Mally Roncal Makeup Giveaway!


How cute is Mally Roncal? Seriously — she’s the living embodiment of adorable. Always impeccably turned out, always smiling, always encouraging regular women like you and me to believe in our own beauty. I think she’s the bees knees. The celebrity makeup artist earned her stripes by beating the faces of Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Mariah, […]

Afrobella Gift Guide — Winter Skin Love


Every year we say the same thing, but seriously — does it not seem as though the holiday season just crept up on all of us? I am SO not ready for Christmas. But here it comes, with the lights and the festitivity and the expectation of presents. And so it’s time once again for […]

What’s a Piticure?

Spa Soak Event

Let me tell you, bellas! Last night I attended a special event, courtesy of Dove Visibly Smooth deodorant. At a gorgeous place called Spa Soak in the trendy Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago, I recieved a “piticure.” On my way back home, I tweeted the following: “Just had a Dove deodorant “PitiCure” – just so you […]

Seasonal Scents

Summer fragrances are such sweet respite from the realities of the season — when it’s hot, steamy, and sweaty out there, there’s something so refreshing about a light scent. While it’s still warm out you should check store shelves for these luscious perfumes — they’ll make you smell some kinda delicious regardless of what season […]

My Week Without Deodorant

Like practically every other bella, I like a deodorant that’s “strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.” Meaning it has to step up and keep me respectable through the most oppressive heat and my body’s funkiest hormonal swings. The ideal deodorant would glide effortlessly onto my armpits and leave absolutely no trace, […]

Road Trip Beauty Must-Haves

Taking the Afrobella show on the road has been so much fun, but it’s been a challenge! Between dealing with teeny tiny shower stalls, weird water pressure, learning the difference between hard and soft water, and packing light to bounce easily from apartment to apartment, it’s been a lesson in beauty essentials. So what products […]

Belated Birthday Candles

This photo is one of my favorites. It was taken by a photographer for the Miami Herald, and featured on the cover of the paper shortly before Valentine’s Day this year, accompanying a story about frugal Valentine’s Day ideas. But the backstory behind the photo is kind of funny — my husband and I had […]