Win a Trip to Paris!


Everyone I know who has been, has fallen in love with the culture, the ambiance, the food, the romance of Paris. Someday, I dream of visiting and strolling hand in hand along Parisian streets with my husband. It isn’t my time – not just yet. BUT – thanks to my friends at Black Atlas – […]

Aloha! My Hawaii Videos are on Black Atlas

Bellas! Fellas! Remember I went to Hawaii in January? My articles and videos are finally up on Black Atlas. This is an exciting first for me, and the fulfillment of a New Year’s Resolution. I’ve faced my fear! And these are my first real on-camera YouTube videos. I’m not loving myself on camera 100% […]

Aloha, Bellas!


I meant to post on Friday before I left…but the sand in the hourglass ran out before I had a chance. I spent the weekend in Hawaii, touring the island of Oahu for an upcoming feature for That’s me at the Diamond Head volcanic crater! I am in LOVE with Hawaii right now. Words […]