Want Of The Week: QuellyRue Designs


Because Spring is all about flowers and whimsy, allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite Etsy shops. QuellyRue Designs. Handmade, quirky, super cute accessories and headbands! Check me out rocking the crochet floral headband”>it’s just $12, click here to buy! I love the size of the flower in my hair, and the […]

Chic in Crochet

Earrings by Star Crochet Designs

Once upon a time, crochet may have been the hobby your grandmother or aunty used to pass the time. Their needlework generally resulted in doilies, tablecloths, kitschy detailing on dresses, and those often-ill fitting waistcoats that were briefly popular in the Nineties. (I’m speaking from personal experience, here). That was then. There’s been a HUGE […]