Stress Sweat is REAL. 5 Times Secret Came To My Rescue


Once upon a time, travel was glamorous. The experience was about luxury amidst the clouds. Passengers dressed up in their Sunday best to fly, sauntered through the airport, and smoked their duty free cigarettes on the airplane (ever notice how there are still tiny ashtrays on the armrests in so many airplanes to this day? […]

Back To School Beauty Must Haves

Back to School Beauty

I’ve got a fair number of younger bellas that read this here blog, and I know this is the time of year nobody’s really looking forward to. It’s the end of summer vacation, and time to go back to school. Besides needing the typical pens, paper and classroom-friendly gadgets, and for my college bellas the […]

My Armpits Smell like Ice Cream!

I can be really picky about buying certain products. A perfect example is deodorant. All my life, I’ve lived in hot, sticky places. The average temperature in Trinidad ranges from 74 to 91 degrees, and here in Miami it can be unbearably steamy. The last thing any woman wants is to be smelly, or to […]