Makeup Tips from Damone Roberts!

I’m making a prediction right here and now. Sometime in the not-too-distant future, Damone Roberts’ phone is gonna ring. And on the other end, will be someone making an appointment for the First Lady. Damone Roberts is known as the Eyebrow King. He believes that every face deserves the perfect frame, and makeup starts with […]

Oscar’s Bellas

Did you watch the Academy Awards this weekend? I live tweeted the whole thing, but still I want to shine a light on the beautiful bellas walking the red carpet. This was quite a year for black actresses at the Oscars! First of all, Taraji P. Henson absolutely took my breath away in her Roberto […]

5 Biggest Fashion Week Makeup Trends

I couldn’t make it to this month’s New York Fashion Week, and reading the resports and reviewers from my beauty blog friends did make me turn an unflattering shade of green, I must admit. Turns out my jealousy might just have matched one of the hot beauty trends my blog sisters spotted at the tents […]

Look Like a Million Bucks, Spend Less than $50

Being a frugalista is the new hotness (right Natalie?), but sometimes in my efforts to save money, I find myself feeling a little declasse. That kind of thing happens when you’re rummaging through a bin of shoes at Miami’s Mall of the Americas. You know you’ve found some bargain basement shopping if a grow house […]

They Call It Cyber Monday

I was not one of the thousands to venture out to the malls and big box stores for Black Friday. More power to those of you that did — I need my personal space when I shop. The sight of crowds stampeding through a store in some kind of deranged Supermarket Sweep mission terrifies me […]

Sweet Deals!

In my black lipstick wearing, Indian bindi experimenting Gwennabe teenage days, I was practically obsessed with anything glittery. Especially makeup. I even went so far as to buy a little pot of glitter from the stationary store and experiment with making my own fabuleaux glitter eyeshadow. Epic fail. And all the time I was lusting […]

Lashtastic Eye Magic

If your eyes are the windows to the soul, then your lashes are the drapes. And you want to have gorgeous, knock-em-dead drapes, right? I’ve noticed that even bellas who go on the record as “not wearing makeup” pay special attention to their lashes. I know quite a few women who would rather leave the […]