Los Angeles! Get Ready to Love Your Hair!

Felicia Bantu Knots

Natural hairstyles can be super intricate, or super simple. Our hair is so amazing, we can wear it in any style we want! Often our only limitations are our skill, and our imagination. That’s why I love the lessons Felicia Leatherwood of the Loving Your Hair With Natural Care Workshop has to give. She’s all […]

Natural Hair and the Goody Simple Styles Hair Pins

Spin Pin

From the moment the Goody Simple Styles hair pins hit store shelves, I started getting questions in my inbox. Hey Bella, have you seen that new Spin Pin? Would it work for our hair texture? Bella, I wanna get the new Modern Updo pin but I’m not sure if I can work it with my […]

Felicia Leatherwood Loves Natural Hair (Part 2)


After the Loving Your Hair With Natural Care Workshop, I felt invigorated and renewed. I felt even more determined to solve my own natural hair issues. Felicia had great advice about finding the right hairdresser, and I knew I still needed the right one. My hair was strong but I could tell that the ends […]

Solange Knowles – You Already Know

Well, well, well. It seems after all the back and forth and hubbub has died down, Solange is working the TWA like nobody’s business. Do I even need to add my opinion here? No, but I will. She looks gorgeous. Stunning. It reveals her features to exquisite effect. I love, love, love it. Will this […]

Malia Obama: When Can a Kid Just Be a Kid?

I originally posted this yesterday on AOL Black Voices. From time to time, I’m gonna be cross posting. Feel free to comment here, there, or wherever you’d like! When I first saw the photos of Malia Obama in London rocking her fly twists and her little peace sign tee, I didn’t think twice about it. […]

Ask Afrobella: Naturally Beautiful at the Prom!

Got a frantic Ask Afrobella question to answer, and time is of the essence! Dear Afrobella, I love your blog! It’s so refreshing compared to other blogs that just write about products! I never know what to expect when I visit your site but I know it’s gonna be good! I’m a teenage transitioning bella […]