Marion Jones is in Prison. Don’tcha Feel Safe?

That was the punchline of a joke that Chris Rock made when I recently saw him at the Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida. It came at the end of a classic Rock anti-terrorism, pro-steroids rant about the ongoing athletic witch hunt. The crowd roared with laughter, and Chris Rock got his overall point across — […]

How To Say What You Really Mean (Without Saying What You Really Mean)

Everyone knew this political race was going to get slimy and gross and increasingly disgusting as it progressed. So many of you, and of my real life friends and peers said — watch — they’ll go after Michelle Obama next. And I believed that. Michelle Obama is an opinionated and outspoken woman, her senior college […]

Afrobella Asks You — Hair Help for Little Dreads

Awwww. Look at this poor little guy. His mama has written me with an Ask Afrobella question that leaves me at a loss. Maybe you bellas out there can help? Here goes… HELP!!! I urgently need your help or the help of the community!!! My 9 yr old son (who has had locks since birth) […]

911 is a Joke

You know, I’d like to see the next president take a serious look at the justice system in this country — from officers and employees at the bottom of the totem pole, all the way through the courtrooms and the prison system. Please watch this video. If you can’t see video at your computer, […]

Giveaway Glitch

Heavy sigh. OK, here goes. I love doing Afrobella giveaways, and I try to host them as often as I can. Most of the time, they go extremely well — I review a product I like and I think is worth your attention, end my post with an offer for you lovely bellas to win […]

A Random Musing On Political Wives Caught In Scandal

We’ve seen it so many times recently, the shamed politico addresses a legion of reporters, and flashbulbs pop as he admits to his adulterous crimes. As he steadfastly apologizes into the camera, a figure stands off to the side. Cowed by the lens, the blinding flashbulbs, and millions of judgmental eyes, there stands the wife […]

Political Propaganda (It Needs to Stop)

I got an e mail last week that really pissed me off. Allow me to vent. I’m on the mailing list of this peace-love-and-Buddha place, and normally their e mails are about things like yoga classes and reiki sessions. But this one had an atypical subject line. It read “Muslims in England!” and there was […]