Good Riddance To a Bad Idea

Courtesy of The Black Snob, I learned that Ty’s controversial Sasha and Malia dolls are being pulled from the shelves. If you visit Ty’s website, the dolls show up at the bottom of the page with a big red stamp next to them that says “retired.” About time if you ask me. As someone with […]

Love, Not H8

Sometimes, when we’re watching an old film, or listening to classic rock, my husband will wistfully say, “I wish I had lived during the sixties.” To which I always respond — not I. In the 60’s, life was peace, love, and The Beatles for some. For others, it was Motown, protests, fire hoses, and hatred. […]

Thinking of Jennifer

I’ve been thinking about Jennifer Hudson all weekend long. It’s one thing to lose a parent. But to lose your mother and brother under such awful, awful circumstances…. just dealing with that alone would be crushing. Add to that the fact that they don’t yet know where her 7 year old nephew is just beyond. […]

As Someone Who Loves Lipstick…

I wear it every day and obsess over my favorite kind, but even this beauty blogger knows that this isn’t the time to be talking about lipstick. I don’t care if it’s a pitbull or a pig or whatever kind of animal metaphor our political candidates are using here. And it doesn’t really matter to […]

I Can’t Go to Sleep

It happens when I’m at my most stressed out, busy, and overwhelmed — just when I know sleep is exactly what I need and I can imagine how sweet it would feel to just close my eyes and not think of anything anymore… I can’t do it. I find myself sitting up until 3 a.m. […]

Fay, Fay — Go Away

The good part of living in Miami? The weather! The bad part of living in Miami? The weather. Yeah, we might have sunshiny days when the rest of the US is shivering cold, but right around this time of year I inevitably wind up asking myself, what the heck are we doing in South Florida, […]

Whitewash and Photoshop

Is anyone genuinely surprised by this recent L’Oreal Feria/Beyonce skin lightening advertising drama? I wasn’t. Not at all. This has happened to Beyonce before, after all. And I don’t get why so many people are blaming Beyonce — do celebrities get final approval on how they look in advertising? I’m inclined to think not, given […]