Dear Old Navy


I’m gonna need you to quit playing games with my heart. As a plus size fashionista, I’ve respected your hustle for a while now. For years you’ve produced a steady and reliable line of plus size essentials. Tees, jeans, on-trend blouses. I’ve been there as a purchaser when you respected my demographic and sold plus […]

Sammy Sosa, Stop


When I saw the photos of Sammy Sosa that have been circulating online, one dancehall classic came immediately to mind. There’s a few more photos on Huffington Post that show the sharp difference in his pigmentation. The story Mr. Sosa is sticking to is that a skin rejuvenation procedure has made his skin appear […]

Allo, Blackface


Can I just tell you how much I loved the debate on that Louis Vuitton afro post of last week? Sometimes I do respond with an automatic side-eye where maybe I should try to be more open in my approach. I tried to tread lightly and just put the question out there to the universe, […]

Farewell, Prescriptives – Love You Forever


Being the generally optimistic person that I am, I want to believe that makeup options for women of color are becoming better and better. There are more and more upcoming boutique brands catering to our skin’s unique needs, and even the mainstream brands have expanded their color palettes over the years. Then you get news […]

Today’s Physical Challenge

My friend Jenny has an awesome apartment, and when we come to New York City, we stay with her. It’s cute, compact, comfortable, and smack in the middle of Greenwich Village. I love it. But here’s the rub — Jenny’s apartment is a steep 6th floor walkup. No elevator, not even a rinkydink service lift. […]

As An “Island Woman…”

Just like most of everyone (at least everyone on Twitter last night), I watched the Grammys and was astounded at the news about Chris Brown and Rihanna. I believe I first heard it from Necole Bitchie or Concrete Loop, can’t recall which. In no time flat it was confirmed by the likes of People Magazine, […]

More Of The Same

Bellas and fellas, so much has been said about the sad state of black talent in Hollywood, but I started to feel faint prickles of hope again, now that Obama’s president and this year two African American actresses are vying for Oscars. But every time I feel like Hollywood has taken two steps forward in […]