I wear it every day and obsess over my favorite kind, but even this beauty blogger knows that this isn’t the time to be talking about lipstick.

I don’t care if it’s a pitbull or a pig or whatever kind of animal metaphor our political candidates are using here. And it doesn’t really matter to me who said the stupid phrase first — what bothers me the most is that this whole Drudged up lipstick hubbub — just like the Oprah thing — seems to me, to be a blatantly obvious distraction from the real issues that this country needs to focus on.

And from a gander at the headlines today, it’s working brilliantly.

Instead of lipstick, I’d like to hear the candidates address their solutions for the issues we’re not talking about. The 800 pound gorillas in the room, like mounting poverty. Like the terrifying rate of job losses. Like the plight of our soldiers when they return home from war. Some fine young men and women are returning home haunted by their experiences, and broken in body and mind. I just saw on the news today that the suicide rate of active duty soldiers is set to exceed the rate among the general US population. That hasn’t happened since Vietnam. That’s all kinds of sad and scary. Can we talk about how we’re going to help our troops, both now and later?

On the eve of September 11, can we talk about finding the terrorists responsible for the attack in the first place? Seven years later, and the official White House response to not finding Osama Bin Laden, is “This is not the movies. We don’t have super powers.” Can we talk about why resources aren’t being used more wisely to that end? Can we talk about the economy, education, health care, and dealing with this ongoing war on drugs that’s only succeeding in breaking the prison system?

We’ve got 56 days until the election. Can the politicians on either side of the divide lay off the trivial BS like lipstick, and talk about something real?



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