Blog Sister Love!


Every week I’m going to highlight my favorite posts from around the blogosphere, to keep you bellas up to date on what’s happening in hair, beauty, fashion and more! Happy Friday! Hair I don’t write nearly enough about locs here on Afrobella, because I just don’t know enough! If you rock locs and would like […]

Send Help To Haiti

The usual posts about hair, makeup and fashion will come later — right now my heart aches for Haiti. The already-suffering island nation was just hit with a 7.0 earthquake. A hospital has collapsed. Government buildings have been severely damaged. There was a major tsunami watch, earlier. Reports of major devastation are just starting to […]

Worth a Click – Hair Edition

In case you’ve been wondering — what’s Afrobella up to? I’ll tell ya. Grustling. Real hard. I’ve been working my fingers to the nub to keep the fires blazing here at Afrobella while writing at AOL Black Voices and tah-dah — just last week I wrote my first article for Ebony! Yup, it’s about Michael […]

Hello, Harlem!

Bellas, fellas – been having a tremendous time on this road trip. Apologies for being a tardy blogger, I’ve been too busy having fun and catching up with friends both old and new. After leaving my friend Jenny’s place — mentioned in last week’s installment of The Journey, I’m currently in Harlem staying with my […]

Diversity Day!

Hey bellas! I’ve got an exciting career advancing proposition for you, on behalf of one of my favorite bloggers in the game! The one and only Carmen Van Kerckhove, creator of Racialicious and president of the diversity education firm New Demographic, is offering the kind of diversity training I can get behind. Carmen is all […]

Class Action Cosmetics!

Yet another tip of the hat to the Frugalista — today’s tip made me shriek in excitement. If you visited a high end department store and overpaid for some cosmetics between May 29, 1994 and July 16, 2003, you could be in for a freebie, thanks to a class action lawsuit. From Businessweek: “Starting next […]

Worth a Click

I wouldn’t describe myself as a crazy cat lady… I think having more than one cat is definitely the first step, no? Just the one is enough for me, thanks. Max gives me plenty of stress and stuff to clean up… and now he’s famous! My cat Max is officially a LOLcat! I submitted this […]