I wouldn’t describe myself as a crazy cat lady… I think having more than one cat is definitely the first step, no? Just the one is enough for me, thanks. Max gives me plenty of stress and stuff to clean up… and now he’s famous! My cat Max is officially a LOLcat!

I submitted this photo to I Can Has Cheezburger right after we got back from Chicago. The house seemed to be in perfect order until we visited the upstairs bathroom and discovered the toilet paper terror had struck again. Poor guy was bored and lonely, and took out all of his emotions I guess. Now that we’re back home and settled, has Max changed his ways? Not at all. In fact, just this morning he casually knocked over a glass of water with his paw, leaving the coffee table dripping and all of my work documents soggy at the corners. I still love the little furball, but aarrrgh!

While I was busy celebrating my second bloggiversary, another famous blogger was celebrating her fifth! Five years in the blog game is no joke. Congratulations to The Budget Fashionista, for half a decade of fun, fashion, and frugality.
This week she’s been interviewed by my amiga Natalie of The Frugalista Files on five ways to recession proof your closet, and on Clutch Magazine, on just how far being fabulous for less has taken her. I’ve gotten some great tips from The Budget Fashionista — that 70/30 rule has gotten me through many but-I-really-need-this-trendy-shirt quandaries. And I had a bella on a budget breakthrough of my own this weekend — at one of TBF’s fashion find stores, I scored a FLY red Michael Kors long winter coat for a mere $60! Thanks, TBF!

My blogging amigas are all headed to NYC for Fashion Week and already the stylish posts are rolling in — Nichelle of 55 Secret Street took this image of a Brooklyn Fashion Week show that stretched across the Bridge.

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. You all have a blast at the L’Oreal Feria party! Wish I could be there with you…

Politics is causing my pressure to rise again, so I’m glad there are other bloggers who are covering the issues that I am obsessed with but lack the energy to write about myself. Racialicious has a great post about Michelle Obama and sexism, and Stereohyped covered the Maury Povichesque drama surrounding Republican VP pick Sarah Palin, and asked the question — could you just imagine if this were happening in the Obama family? I can think of at least two or three “newscasters” whose heads might explode. Opinion based news is killing me these days, I tell ya.

Two recent posts at Soulbounce got me in the mood for musing —
Five Reasons why Freedom is Impossible Today highlights why Freedom, one of my favorite old school all star jams from the Panther movie soundtrack, would never happen today. Reason # 2 — The disappearance of the female emcee. Period.

Also at Soulbounce, their top 100 Soul/R&B songs countdown has come to a thrilling finale with Donny Hathaway’s A Song For You.

What an incredible song. Ray Charles’ version was the one I knew first — it’s a good one, and the emotion rings true because of Ray’s advanced age. “And when my life is over, remember when we were together,” sounds right coming from his weathered voice. But Donnie Hathaway made that song his own because he lived it at such a tender age. Those lyrics spoke to the anguish within his own heart.

I have about half of a super long post about Donnie Hathaway written and holding — he was to be a part of my Lost Ones series, which I envisioned as a kind of Hollywood Babylon that focused on black celebrities who succumbed to the pressures of fame. I had to stop writing it midway through my posts about Dennis Brown and Donnie Hathaway. It was just… too sad, sitting up late at night all alone, watching YouTube videos of my musical icons who had passed away. I do plan to someday revisit and complete those posts. Soulbounce did a beautiful job of commemorating the life of an artist lost to the world in the prime of his life.

Donnie Hathaway was just 33 years old when he was found dead, and that makes the emotion you hear in this song seem all too real. Depression is real, it isn’t something you can just “get over” or “snap out of.” Click here to learn more, and hopefully answer any questions you may have.

Donnie Hathaway left this world too soon. But his spirit lives on through his talented children, like daughter Lalah Hathaway. He left us with incredible music — treat yourself to A Donnie Hathaway Collection, if you don’t already own a copy. You won’t regret the purchase.

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