Damn! I need to get on my hustle even faster! The fantastic peeps over at Concrete Loop posted photos of MJB at the Sephora event I attended yesterday before I even had a chance to upload my pics.

I promise to do so over the weekend. But I just wanted to say that this photo made me feel better. Not because Mary isn’t looking her best, but because my photo with Lisa Price revealed a stunning amount of forehead grease too. Lisa advised me to get Bare Essentials Mineral Veil, and for the record, she looked perfectly matte. I plan to cop that product in the near future. Look for a lengthy MJB event/Lisa Price interview/Carol’s Daughter product review over the weekend!

PS: WTF is with Mary’s gold tooth? Not a good look. But I still love her. No hateration in this dancerie.

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sandy says:
August 26, 2006, 9:21 pm
grrreat work..love the new stuff every week... I wanted to tell you I recently went whole hog ,and purchased the entire line of bare minerals thru the tv special...I love the stuff...looks sooo natural, and in these august temps it's holding up..no greasy forehead here..it's well worth the 70some bucks I spent..came with a cpmpact of the loose "veil" and a special brush, all in a case for the purse...it takes me a bit longer in the am, as I used to do it in the car with the liquid foundation...but the extra 5 minutes is well worth it...keep up the good work
kym says:
August 29, 2006, 12:26 pm
Mary was very greasy looking, I've stayed up a many of nights and caught the informercials on how mare minerals was so good but im a natural born skeptic. So when I seen the infomercial my first thought was "there is no way that stuff works that good!". Now I'm curious with limited funds but i jussst might go ahead and purchase some. I've read through almost every entry on here and found myself saying "wow" I love this site now! lol so i'll be commenting and checking back as often as i can.


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