When I made my pilgrimage to Sephora Aventura for last Thursday’s Carol’s Daughter event, I was determined not to spend more than $20. My goal was to score as many samples as I could, and spend some time sniffing the products and deciding what to buy next. I had salivated over the Carol’s Daughter website for so long; I already knew what I wanted. I definitely wanted to try Lisa’s Hair Elixir, but it cost $17.50. I planned to walk away with at least two nurturing hair products. A super friendly and enthusiastic salesperson encouraged me to get the Rosemary Mint Shampoo w/Sea Moss, but I settled for a sample of that. I bought the Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner, and after some debating, I decided to spring for the legendary Hair Milk that I had heard such great things about. When Oprah talks, I listen ya’ll.

At Lisa Price’s recommendation, I bought the $16 8 oz. bottle. Lisa said I would just be mad at myself if I didn’t get that size. Initially I was skeptical, but she was totally right. On NaturallyCurly.com, the message boards refer to certain products as being HG, or Holy Grail products. I think Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk might be my holy grail.

The texture of the stuff is everything I want a curly hair leave-in conditioning goop to be. My hair really does drink it right in. The ingredients are essential oil of lemongrass and lily of the valley fragrance, but to me it smells more like an Indian delicacy, like coconut burfi. In short, Gee, My Hair Smells Terrific! No really, it does. And my curls are happier for it. Their thirst has been quenched with shea and cocoa butter oils, causing them to happily coil up into adorable spirals. I could go on and on. But I won’t. If you’re considering a Carol’s Daughter purchase for the first time, I’d say spring for the hair milk. Or even better, get the Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner.

This is no plain vanilla.

The leave-in’s ingredients also include lavender, rosemary, roses, nettles, chamomile, sage, peppermint, blue malva, marigolds, black coconut, and vodka. After I put it on for the first time, my husband asked me what new perfume I was wearing. That never happens, people. It made my curls perfectly defined and lightly, angelically scented. My one complaint is the packaging. A product like this should really come in a spray bottle. I long to spritz it all over my hair like fine perfume, instead of just having to pour out small amounts in my hand.

I’m so excited about the stuff I used that I want to go back to Sephora Aventura (or South Beach…but not Dadeland. For the love of God, why?) and buy lots more of their products. I just don’t know what to buy next, they all sound so delicious! Mimosa Hair Honey, Khoret Amen Shea Butter Hair Smoothie, Rose & Chamomile Toner, Almond Cookie Eau de Toilette? I want it all! But I’m a Bella on a budget. I have to pick and choose my purchases carefully. Next I’ll probably try the Essential Serum For Oily Skin, since I’m on a mission to be completely matte. After that I want to get the Hair Balm, and Lisa’s Hair Elixir. The chemical fire cream that I slathered on my scalp for years has truncated my hair growth. I want to see if Carol’s Daughter products can restore life to my traumatized tresses.

* I wanted to add that I heard through the PR grapevine that Lisa from Carol’s Daughter loved my review! Holla back, Lisa – I have product suggestions! And for my Bay area readers (do I have any of those yet?) I hear there’s going to be a very similar Carol’s Daughter  event in a Sephora in San Francisco. Stay tuned for more details!

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