You’ve got the shoes, the accessories, the pretty makeup… now all that’s left to complete your holidazzle party look is the perfect dress. But wouldn’t you know it – most of the prettiest holiday gowns are either backless or nearly there. For example, peep this beautiful lace babydoll number that I spotted over at Urban Outfitters’ website.

She looks flawless. But if she was suffering with a noticeable case of backne, that would throw her entire look off the second she turned around. Back acne is probably the most difficult kind of acne to get rid of. Several factors can contribute to the dilemma.

Hair products that drip down your shoulders, sweat and abrasive clothing, and plain old genetics can play a role in recurrent backne. The location (usually across the upper back and shoulders) makes it difficult to apply products. The skin there is less sensitive and therefore, your everyday face washes and ointments might not have an effect. Especially for black women, hyperpigmentation can leave a veritable constellation of backne scars scattered across prime backless dress property.

For the holiday party season, you want to make a graceful exit as well as a dramatic entrance. Nobody wants to walk around wrapped in a shrug all night. What’s a bella to do?

Start out with a quality 2% salicylic acid acne body wash, for starters. There’s Phisoderm Clear Confidence, which works gently, but well. Neutrogena Body Clear Body Scrub is a popular choice, and is an Allure Best of Beauty award winning product.

Follow that up with a daily treatment, like Nature’s Cure Body Acne Treatment Spray.

This stuff is amazing. It’s affordable, it helped to  clear up my upper back, and the spray bottle sprays from any angle! So you can reach those hard-to-reach places with no problem.

The discussion on this message board revealed that acne creams that might be too harsh for facial use can work wonders for the back. Retin A Micro might be too drying for your cheeks, but could be the right product for your shoulders and back area. But if your backne is at the point where you think you need Retin A, then you should already be seeing a dermatologist.

With a combination of regular cleaning, spray-on skin care, and perhaps some light mineral foundation applied by a loved one before your grand entrance, you should be ready to go backless just in time for the holidays!

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