A few weeks ago, an online store by the name of Buy Beauty.com sent me a sample package of some of their products. The basket was chock-full of stuff, some of which tackled beauty issues I don’t have. So the lip plumper and eye cream, I passed along to some of my equally analytical beauty junkie friends for review. I already had my hands full with a beauty issue that’s been plaguing me all year.

When I went home last December, I got my face waxed on a whim. Let me state now – I do not have a hairy face. No more than normal. I had been breaking out a little, and it was suggested to me that my hair products and costume jewelry were part of the problem, and the face wax would clear up my skin. And it did for about three weeks, then acne came back and enjoyed a reign of terror for the past nine months or so. Especially around that magical time of the month, my face would revert to a terrible teenage state. I was switching from face wash to acne scrub to glycolic treatments, even. But since I started using the Persona Anti-Acne Facial Cleanser and other products that I was sent by Buy Beauty, my skin has done a 180.

The Persona Organic Acne Care Package actually worked. My skin has noticeably improved. I know, I’m shocked too!

The products are natural, organic, and not tested on animals. Ingredients include hydrogen peroxide, aloe, chamomile, burdock, sea kelp, and black walnut.

The face wash is a clear gel that comes in this cool futuristic metal can. It leaves my face feeling very clean, but not depleted of moisture. I’ve been using it every day and it has great oil control properties and is very refreshing.

I’ve also been making sure to follow up with the Oil Free Anti-Acne Lotion, which kind of freaks me out a little.

This stuff numbs my face. It’s not by any means a lasting numbing effect, but the first time I used it I was like, whaa? But I soon grew accustomed to the lack of sensation, and before long the feeling had faded.

I will attribute the numbing effect partially to the aloe vera concentration – the moisturizer dries with a similar “tightening” effect you feel after rubbing aloe on your face.

The moisturizer really absorbs into my skin, and I’ve been using it every day under my makeup and at night over a cheapy glycolic cream I bought at Ulta (that stuff is NOT for people with sensitive skin, BTW, and I only use the cream for three day spurts, then I let my face chill for the next five days or so).

Don’t get me wrong – I still do have breakouts. But instead of getting like, three zits at the same time, I only get one. And it’s more or less gone within a day or two. Thanks to the glycolic, my skin feels very smooth and my hyperpigmentation is fading ever-so-slowly. The numbing effect still feels strange, but the Persona moisturizer has done a great job.

I was also sent the Persona Acne Fighter Facial Mask, which I have used only once so far. It was way more liquid than I have come to expect clay-based masks to be, but it went on smooth and washed off quicker than any other mask I have used. Seriously, I splashed water on my face and looked in the mirror and the mask was gone! Like it had just fallen off into the sink or something. The mask left my face feeling clean, cool, and dry.

At $39.95 per product, I would just stick to the face wash and lotion for bellas on a budget. But I definitely recommend this product to anyone who’s been having acne issues and can’t find the right stuff yet.

A regular skin-care regimen using Persona worked for me when nothing else really made a lasting difference.

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Margo says:
December 1, 2006, 1:22 pm
Thank you so much for posting this today. I was driving to work this morning and noticing how really dry my skin has gotten and how my trusted Proactiv hasn't been really working. I might have to just buy the bullet and spend the extra and try the Persona because it seems like the one product that started working for me is starting to fade. Thanks again for all your great advice....I read your blog daily! Keep shining!
samida says:
December 1, 2006, 9:24 pm
A while ago, I was sent a sample of the facial cleaner and the lotion from somewhere and not got around to trying, but I am definitely gonna dig it out my make-up samlpe crate! Thanx for the post!
Thaddeus Carvaloh says:
December 2, 2006, 4:27 pm
I try to stay current with your website when it comes to oily skin and acne. But from a guy's perspective a lot of stuff on the market is usually marketed towards women. I have no problem with that at all, the thing is a lot of stuff have a noticable fragrance that is a little too fragrant for men. What would you recommend? Currently I am using a really fantastic acne kit from Mario Badescu. A lot of stuff from the Mario Badescu line isn't cheap, but the quality of the products and the results speak for themselves. And it is all natural. I have tried a few items from Mario Badescu just to see which worked best with my skin, after some mild trials and errors, I have found one that works like a charm. The Acne Facial Cleanser, The Special Cucumber Lotion (astringent), and the Anti-Acne Serum. These three items will cost you about $50.00 (doesn't include shipping). A little goes a looooooong way. Great for teens and adults with oily acne prone skin. When you get the time, check it out. A little word of advice, Mario Badecu products are addictive and there are a lot to choose from. It is possible to break the bank with just few items. For men who workout and women with stretch marks, I recommend the muscle oil. It takes a while, but you can see a difference. A little warrning, it comes in a tiny bottle and the price is a little expensive for that amount. Keep up the good work!!!
Wanda says:
December 3, 2006, 2:08 pm
Do you know if this product works for those with acne, but not oily skin? My skin is more dry, but oily in the T-zone and I've always used products for dry skin.
Dj says:
January 3, 2007, 6:05 pm
I haven't tried this product as yet but right now I am using this natural product from a company called Himalaya. It is all natural and is working great! I have a daily blog about it. I am also taking a system purifier along with it called Neem. I have more info on both products on my blog. check it out at myacnejourney.blogspot.com By the way I love this website :) teehee!!
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