This weekend I finally went to see The Last King of Scotland. If you bellas are as about supporting black actors and actresses as you say you are, run, don’t walk to see this film.

Thus far all of the buzz has been about Forest Whitaker, and deservedly so! He transforms into a historic figure and captures Idi Amin with all of his charming, terrifying schizophrenic idiosyncrasies. But there is also an outstanding performance by Kerry Washington, who is subtle, understandably terrified, and absolutely luminous all at the same time.

On screen, she is just stunning. And her performance… wow. I find it hilarious that she described the movie as a “pleasant little British film in Uganda” in this interview with, especially given the subject matter. But I think she was referring to the pleasures of independent film versus Hollywood blockbusters like Mr. and Mrs. Smith and The Fantastic Four, which she also costarred in.

Still, there isn’t much that is pleasant about The Last King of Scotland.

It’s brutal, psychological, and at times quite difficult to watch. I wept at several points during this film. (Spoiler alert: obviously a film about Idi Amin’s reign in Uganda isn’t going to have a Hollywood happy ending. But Kerry speaks very honestly about her role in this interview, and gives away a horrific scene. Be forewarned).

Kerry also gives great perspective on Amin’s reign in this interview, and shares some bold political opinions. I love an actress who is brave an intelligent enough to hold her own and surprise you in an interview. It made me appreciate her even more.

This is the kind of film that lingers in your brain, and makes you want to go and do research to figure out the film’s fiction versus the facts. Sadly, some of the most out-there, shocking scenes are based on real history.

I loved Ray, but I haven’t seen many of Kerry Washington’s other films. (Somehow I managed to miss Save the Last Dance, She Hate Me, and um… Little Man). But after this performance, I’m looking forward to her upcoming roles. At this screening we also saw the trailer for Chris Rock’s upcoming and damn near autobiographical I Think I Love My Wife, in which she apparently plays the homewrecker. Kerry Washington is engaged to actor David Moscow (who is most famous for playing the little kid in Big), and they plan on producing films together in the future. Fingers crossed for more brave, outside-the-box movies from this gorgeous couple.

As Kay Amin, she is clad in gorgeous Afrocentric prints, wears natural hair in beautiful braids, and her beauty is all about flawless, glowing skin, pleading eyes, and those lush lips. To appropriate the look, exfoliate your face well, use a good moisturizer and concealer, and break out the bronzer to accentuate your cheeks and t-zone. After your skin looks flawless, complete the look with a bronze lip gloss.
Kerry Washington is definitely an actress to watch, and I can’t wait to see what she’s starring in next! As long as it isn’t Little Man 2, I’ll be there for sure.

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