Here’s some random links I’ve been reading recently, as part of a new weekly feature. Click away, bellas!

Angela Bassett is beyond gorgeous at the Heart Truth Red Dress event for NY Fashion week.

Talk about aging like fine wine! I yearn to see more of her on the big screen. I can’t wait for her next major project — she’s starring in a big movie with an amazing cast that I am sure all Caribbean people will be interested in seeing.

A while ago, I wrote about Jennifer Holliday and her legacy in Dreamgirls being deliberately eroded. Well, apparently Jennifer Hudson has stronger opinions than I do. Best believe Clay Cane has thoughts on that. Scroll down for the sassy retort.

I’ve been reading a lot of buzz about some of the latest MAC offerings, especially the Raquel Welch Icon Collection, which looks too fierce for words. I was seriously contemplating making a purchase or three, then I discovered there seems to be a MAC boycott by makeup artists and professionals in the industry. Now I don’t know what to think. Did any of you hear about this, bellas? I still might have to get this Raquel Welch Lipglass. Because I am such a fool for tiger print.

The new Lily Allen video for Alfie is sooooo strange. But Alfie is her weirdest song, so I guess it works.

He speaks so well! A New York Times breakdown of the controversial use of the word “articulate,” which I think just cost Joe Biden his chance at the election. Dubya also used the word to describe Obama, let’s not forget. The “soft bigotry of low expectations” goes across political lines.

Oh, how I love Black History Month: Here’s a fascinating article about what should be a fascinating documentary — the story of Percy L. Julian, a black research scientist who has been all but forgotten by the history books. If you’ve got kids, sit them down for this special episode of Nova.

My blog buddy Nichelle of 55 Secret Street wrote a gorgeous homage to Lena Horne.

Today would have been Bob Marley’s 62nd birthday.Recently a friend of mine asked me to name my favorite Bob Marley album, and I couldn’t. I can’t name a favorite song, either. But this one comes in my top five, for sure. So does this one. And ooh, this is a good one. But Ambush in the Night might hold the number one spot for now.

The lyrics are just so beyond anything I hear today: “They say what we know is just what they teach us; and we’re so ignorant, ’cause every time they can reach us. Through political strategy, they keep us hungry. And when you gonna get some food, your brother got to be your enemy.”

I mean, damn if that doesn’t speak to me about the tragedies happening in my homeland right now.
Bob was definitely on a prescient level. Watching him perform makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Oh, to have been at that concert! As a Trini, saying that I grew up listening to Bob is like an understatement. I was just two and a half when he died, but I swear I remember footage from his funeral being broadcast on TTT.

Mr. Marley is sadly gone, but he will never be forgotten.

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