Way back when I interviewed Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter, she shared a natural hair trend she’d been noticing. “More and more boys are growing their hair out,” she said. Now I’ve been noticing that myself.

There’s something about a guy who’s brave enough to grow out his hair and fly the natural flag high that makes me smile.

Take for example, big Ben Wallace, AKA The ‘Fro. He’s been rocking the cornrows recently, but he looks so much more like a warrior when he’s pounding up the court with his hair blowing in the breeze.

I don’t care much about basketball (but for some strange reason it’s always on in my house…) and Ben Wallace is one of the few players who I instantly recognize and will gladly root for. Keep it fierce and natural Ben, we love it!

Hair even became a bit of an issue for Julito McCullum, who plays Namond Brice on The Wire.

In order to be a better corner boy, he was advised to chop off his long, curly locks. But to Namond, his hair is part of his identity. He didn’t want to cut off his hair, because that would mean he officially accepted his fate and became an unrecognizable corner hustler. The scene where he gets his hair braided proves how far he is willing to go to earn his highly dysfunctional mother’s love.

Natural curls are always popular on the music circuit, where hair and self expression go hand in hand. And no other dude had prettier hair than Maxwell.

The man who had the ladies swooning with his cover of Kate Bush’s This Woman’s Work had a head of freeform curls to set him apart from the pack. Now he’s making a comeback and taking the Ludacris route of shaving off his glorious locks.

Personally, I hope he eventually grows it back. But I’m just ready for a Maxwell comeback, by any means necessary. (And while I’m on this topic — WHERE is D’Angelo at?? I LOVE me some D’Angelo!)

I hope Somalian hip hop artist K’Naan leaves his style as is. I love his freeform curls, and I love the variety of his expression even more. Learn more about him in this fascinating interview with Hip Hop Canada.

K’Naan tells the true story of his friend being beaten and locked up in Sweden on this remix of Kick, Push. His new hit, Soobax, is getting steady airplay on VH1 Soul, and I hope it makes the jump to BET. (But if that recent interview on the Wendy Williams show is to be believed, K’Naan might be too intelligent to get airplay on 106th and Park. Which is really, really sad).

Soobax is a song about the murderous destruction of Somalia — click here to read the lyrics. K’Naan introduces himself eloquently here, and explains the truth behind his music. I’m feeling this guy’s style, from the fluffy fro to the meaningful music. I hope he goes far and keeps representing for afrofellas everywhere!

Did I forget any other talented bros with fros? Who’s your favorite?

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