OK, I had a very long and very controversial post in the works, but I need more time to craft my words carefully, and also I gotta confess… last night I wound up going to a crazy party in Miami’s Design District. I must say, it really sets the tone for the evening when you walk in to a party to discover a practically naked Amanda Lepore, writhing with dudes in tighty-whities, being photographed from all sides. At times like that, all I can do is shake my head and say “oh, Miami.” This city is a trip. I digress.

So I had one too many appletinis and now I’m exhausted, and running late for a long day at work. But I couldn’t just let the day go by without posting something, so here’s a Friday teaser for an upcoming Lost One.

The history of reggae music is filled with joyous, meaningful music, and littered with heartbreaking gone-too-soon stories. One of the most tragic losses was that of Dennis Brown. This video clip is one of the biggest songs in reggae music, in my opinion. Holla if you hear me, Caribbean massive. If you haven’t ever heard it, do yourself a favor. This is Revolution.

If we wanna live forever, we gotta love each other. Happy Friday to one and all, and big things coming up next week!

Soak up the summertime and have a beautiful weekend, bellas and fellas!

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