We Will Always Love You, Whitney Houston


  I don’t want to write this post. I don’t want to write about losing Whitney Houston. I’ve written recent RIP tribute posts for Etta James and Don Cornelius, but this loss cuts deeper. It’s too sad. There’s an ache of deep, disappointed sadness that has been over my shoulders like a shroud since Saturday. […]

Amy Winehouse’s New Video Makes Me Happy/Sad

Amy Winehouse Lioness

The sudden death of Amy Winehouse still remains such a study of conflict in my mind. It simultaneously seems like a long time ago, and like just yesterday. Although the news wasn’t altogether shocking, it was still so tragic and heartbreaking. A posthumous album of previously unreleased Amy Winehouse tracks is about to be released […]

Sam Cooke, The Way He Was


Oh, Sam Cooke. Way back when I started this blog, I had a series of posts titled Lost Ones. I more or less abandoned the endeavor in 2007. The premise of the series was to remember black celebrities who lost their lives due to tragic means, kind of a Hollywood Babylon for people of color. […]

Donyale Luna – Forever Fascinating


If I had to look back on all the posts I’ve written in these past four years and choose the top five most popular…the Donyale Luna: Lost Ones post would definitely rank high on the list. I wrote it in 2007 and to this day I still get occasional comments on it. I’ve had comments […]

Marvin Gaye – Gone But Never Forgotten

Marvin Gaye – musical innovator, truth teller, soul singer, Trouble Man. Today marks 26 years since Marvin passed away. Tomorrow would have been his 71st birthday. I paid homage to Marvin in this Lost Ones post — I gave up writing that series because it ached to work on it. That post in particular got […]

Alexander The Great


The word “icon” gets tossed around too lightly, too quickly. This month the world lost a true fashion icon, and under unbelievably tragic circumstances. This week it was confirmed that Alexander McQueen took his own life. He left behind a note, the contents of which are yet to be revealed. It’s hard to imagine the […]

Oh, Michael

I was an Eighties baby but the last of the family. So many of my childhood memories are Seventies leftovers from my sister and brothers. And like so, so many black families around the world, the Jackson 5 were a part of our lives. I don’t recall exactly when my love affair began, but it […]