It’s That Time Again

A little announcement about the logo contest — I’m pushing the deciding date back to August 14, in the hopes of receiving a few more entries. So far I’ve gotten some incredibly beautiful entries from people as far away as Poland! I’ll make an announcement on my site on August 14, so stay tuned for that.

And… I feel a little shy about this. But here goes — it’s time for the 2007 Black Weblog Awards, and I’d love Afrobella to be nominated. I feel pretty weird about asking you all, but rules are rules — you can’t nominate your own blog, but you can encourage readers to nominate you. If those weren’t the rules, I’d have nominated myself, like I did for the blogger’s choice awards. (I felt whimsical and I was up late. What can I say?)

There are some cool categories this year, but no Best Beauty Blog. Are there so few of us? I don’t fit neatly into a beauty category anyway. Either way, if you like my site and want to encourage me on my journey, I’d appreciate your support. Love and respect to you all!

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  1. cool_caramel says:

    Hey Bella,

    I just nominated your blog. Thanks for providing us with thought provoking and interesting posts everyday. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. tinevimbo says:

    Bella, managed to do it, i hope you win coz i just love your blog
    by the way i finally went natural, im still trying to learn how to style it but im getting there
    thanks for being my inspiration.

  3. Done!!! Good luck!

  4. I’ma support you boo!!

    Just as soon as I figure how to do it…I don’t know what I’m doing, lol

  5. Hey Bella,

    You have my nomination.

  6. Hey Bella, I nominated you for more than one category for the awards. I hope you win. Thanks for all the Afrobella love for us to do this blog. Much more success!

  7. Thanks, you guys! It means a lot to me!!! =)

  8. HaitianRoots says:

    One more nomination from this end.

  9. Done and done! I love your site!

  10. Bella, if you don’t get nominated, something is seriously wrong. I voted for you in at least 3 categories

  11. Song At Midnight

    this big woman
    carries much sweetness
    in the folds of her flesh.

    Her hair
    is white with wonderful.

    She is
    rounder than the moon
    and far more faithful.

    who will hold her,
    who will find her beautiful
    if you do not?

    Written by Lucille Clifton

  12. Forgive me, previous poem meant for today’s post..

  13. I nominated you in several categories as well!

  14. Gotcha sista!

  15. Very useful info . Hope to see more posts soon !

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