It’s late and I’m so tired my eyes are blurry, but I had to post this before I creep off to bed. This Halloween, instead of dressing up and going out to insanely popular destinations like South Beach or Coconut Grove, we went to see Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals at the Gusman Center. And he was absolutely INCREDIBLE.

The center is gorgeous, it’s an oddly intimate venue with lush lighting and lots of ornate details on the ceilings and walls. Ben Harper’s voice is just amazing. I am positive video from tonight will creep onto YouTube soon enough – I saw quite a few film making hippies in Halloween costumes up near the front. But for now, all I can do is share this beautiful video with you all to give you a taste of the Ben Harper experience. This is Ben Harper and Jack Johnson, singing a cover of Bob Marley’s “High Tide or Low Tide” on the Carson Daly show.

Awww. Love this song — its meaning is so sweet and pure. And both of these guys make such blissful, chill music. But tonight’s concert wasn’t all chill – Ben Harper rocked out, got gospel soulful, sang a capella, played acoustic guitar… dude did it all and he looked fly doing it. Now I am exhausted from dancing, and off to bed to dream happy dreams. Fingers crossed for a Thursday morning post before work.

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