Say hello to my little friend!

I’ve already let you all know about my job — calendar editor of the Miami New Times reporting for duty. Now in addition to writing the calendar, I’ve got a new weekly blog! It’s very different from Afrobella — Pretty in the City is all beauty all the time, and it’s all about Miami. I’ll be reviewing the places where you can go to look and feel beautiful around the 305. Stop by and say hi!

ps — my super cute logo was designed by my coworker Alex Izaguirre. Besides being an incredibly awesome guy, he’s in a cool Latin rock band called Soniko. Check ’em out!

** editors note — I promise you all that I won’t be Afrobella-ing any less! Don’t worry, bellas. I still promise to have a new post up here at least four days out of the week. And I am WAY behind on product reviews and Ask Afrobellas. I’ve got some good ones coming up!

** edited again on Sunday at almost 3 a.m. — Because of the comments that it wasn’t clear who writes Pretty in the City, my editor graciously agreed to make it a bit clearer. So now it’s Patrice’s Pretty in the City! Whaddya think?

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