Discussing Obama and Beyonce on NPR

I got snowed under by a work avalanche, but I am poking my head out long enough to announce that I was on NPR’s News and Notes blogger’s roundtable again yesterday, alongside Ambra Nykol of Nykola and Robert Redding of The Redding News Review.

Click here to listen!

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  1. It’s always nice to hear your NPR commentary. Thanks for the post!

  2. Sorry to be off topic, but who won the Mariah dvds…the suspense…the suspense :)

  3. Bella, I listened to your views on NPR. You have a pleasant voice.
    Very good commentary on the Obama/Cliniton topics!
    Also Beyonce playing Etta James.
    My opinion is someone else could do a super job at this role. Even if it was a quality newcomer. They should not consider Beyonce just because of her singing and dancing talent, fame, status,looks, influence and charisma. These qualities may seem like all thats needed. What about a believable portrayal of Ms. Etta James?

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