Happy Birthday, Stevie!

Today is one of my favorite musician’s birthdays, and I just gotta give props to the man who’s been by my side and in my ear during the good times and bad. Stevie Wonder is a musical legend, and today he turns 57. Here’s a link to my last little Stevie tribute, and here’s his video for Lately. It’s very simple — just Stevie and the piano. But oh, that voice. I love the Jodeci version as well, but Stevie’s resonates with my heart. It’s pure and beautiful. Love it. Love him.

Thank you so much for so many years of music, Mr. Wonder. Happy birthday to ya, and here’s to many more to come!
Do you bellas and fellas have a favorite Stevie Wonder song — or more like SONGS? Tell me!

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  1. unknowndiva says:

    My favorite song is Ribbon in the Sky!!! I also love Lately….Stevie is definitely one of the greats! Happy B-Day to him!!!!

  2. There are too many somgs to name. “Superstition” would have to be my favorite though.

    Happy Birthday Stevie! Thanks for the great music!

  3. There ARE too many to name…. A few of my all time favorites are Rocket Love, Do I Do, and Ribbon in the Sky… I know I’m forgetting some more but those are the most predominant in my head ;)

  4. Of course I love them all, but I really love “Overjoyed”.

  5. Happy Birthday to ya! Happy Birthday to ya! Happy Birthday!

    Ohhh… I don’t think I have ever even heard a Stevie song I didn’t like. But some of my favorites are “These three words,” “Sir Duke,” “Master Blaster/Jammin.'”

    LOVE YA Stevie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. BluTopaz says:

    Wow I didn’t know Stevie shares a birthday with my Mom, another reason to love him.

    Anything from Innervisions is my favorite, and also That Girl is my jam too. Someone mentioned “Overjoyed”-YES, that song always makes me want to cry for some reason but it’s so beautiful

  7. TX Girl says:

    All of Them. God Bless Stevie Wonder!

  8. “Joy Inside My Tears” has always been my absolute favorite (I was a kid when my dad bought “Songs in the Key of Life” and I listened to that album NONSTOP for months), but it is even more meaningful now that I have been married 15 years and have children. Those lyrics just rip my heart right out of my chest. Love ya Stevland Morris…you were AWESOME in Houston!

  9. “Ribbon in the Sky” forever and always.

    Happy B-Day, Stevie!!!

  10. Ribbon in the sky is my favorite love song. I like the remake by intro as well, maybe a little better than Stevie’s version, but stevie’s is still so beautiful to me. I also love “As” such a beautiful song.

  11. That Girl


    That girl thinks that she’s so fine
    That soon she’ll have my mind
    That girl thinks that shes so smart
    That soon she’ll have my heart
    She thinks in no time flat
    That she’ll be free and clear to start
    With her emotional rescue of love that you’ll leave turn apart

    That girl thinks that she’s so bad
    She’ll change my tears from joy to sad
    She says she keeps the upper hand
    cause she can please her man
    She doesn’t use her love to make him weak
    She uses love to keep him strong
    And inside me there’s no room for doubt
    That it wont be too long

    Before I tell her that I love her
    That I want her
    That my mind, soul and body needs her
    Tell her that I’d love to, that I want to
    That I need to do all that I have to
    To be in her love

    I’ve been hurting for a long time
    And you’ve been playing for a long time
    You know its true
    I’ve been holding for a long time
    And you’ve been running for a long time
    It’s time to do what we have to do
    That girl, that girl

    That girl knows every single man
    Would ask her for her hand
    But she says her love is much too deep
    For them to understand
    She says her love has been crying out
    But her lover hasn’t heard
    But what she doesn’t realize is that I’ve listened to every word

    That’s why I know Ill tell that I love her
    That I want her
    That my mind, soul and body needs her
    Tell her that I’d love to, that I want to
    That I need to do all that I have to
    To be in her love

    Tell her I love her
    That I want her
    That my mind and soul and body needs her
    Tell her that I’d love to, that I want to
    That I need to do all that I have to
    To be in her love

    That I love her
    That I want her
    That my mind and soul and body needs her
    Tell her that I’d love to, that I want to
    That I need to do all that I have to…

    Tell her that I love her
    That I want her
    That my mind and soul and body needs her
    Tell her that Id love to, that I want to
    That I need to do all that I have to
    To be in her…

    That girl, that girl, that girl,
    Oh, that girl, that girl, that girl, that girl…

  12. Mrs.Mckinzie says:

    I truely love every song that this man has made.Happy B-Day Stevie.

  13. I love Stevie! He always puts me in a good mood. My favorite song is Superstition, esp. the version he rocks out on on his Saturday Night Live appearance, but I love a lot of them for different reasons. That voice!!!

  14. There are so many… “I was Made To Love Her”, “As”, “All I Do”, “Sir Duke”, hell, the entire ‘Songs In the Key of Life” and “Inner Visions” albums!

  15. Bebroma says:

    Isn’t She Lovely….that song always makes me want to cry. Every little girl should have a daddy love her so much.

  16. Isn’t She Lovely. I play that to this day in my IPOD just to get my workout started. My parents bought, Songs In the Key of Life, and like the other person said “PLAYED” it. The album and the 8-track. From California to Tennessee.

    Happy Birthday Mr. Wonder!!

  17. “That Girl” and “Isn’t She Lovely”

  18. philly0309 says:

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE STEVIE!!! Everyone who knows me knows what a nut I am about Stevie Wonder. I periodically have Stevie days where I play his music all day long. It all started with my mother playing his Christmas album to me as a child. Ribbon in the Sky, Overjoyed, Living for the City, These Three Words, Knocks Me Off My Feet, Ngiculela-Es Una Historia-I Am Singing, For Your Love, As… I could go on and on and on. I believe we will never see in our lifetime another performer as talented as him.

  19. AmiJane says:

    Stevie is the man, I was just reminded of how strong his voice is today,when I heard his song on the way home. This man has skillzzzz.

  20. Sabrina97 says:

    I love Stevie Wonder! I even remember his guest spot on the “Cosby Show”! Jamming on the one…. classic! As far as songs, I love “Lately”, “Overjoyed”, “Happy Birthday Martin”, and Knocks Me Off My Feet. Did I mention “These Three WOrds” and “Part Time Lover”? Man I could really keep going… Happy Birthday Stevie!

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVIE!!!!! I don’t have a favorite Stevie Wonder song, I love them all!!!

  22. nolagirl says:

    I love Stevie.

    Favorite song: Don’t Know Why ( I love you) goolge it
    and Latley… I love a sad love song.

  23. Imdb and wikipedia says he’s 58. Happy Birthday Stevie! Every melody that comes out of his mouth is my fave.

  24. Happy Birthday, Stevie! My favorites are Knocks Me Off My Feet and Sir Duke.

  25. Happy Birthday Stevie!!! There are too many for me to list. I was just listening to the Close of a Century box set of all his music on my iPod the other day. That CD was one of the best birthday gifts I have ever received.

  26. zenzele says:

    “As” is my ultimate favorite song of all time.

  27. consultelaine says:

    On of my all time favorits…Golden Lady.

  28. I love Stevie! I don’t have an alltime favorite but I love Superwoman, Too High, You and I, and Hey Love.

  29. My all time favorite is “These Three Words”….
    …When was the last time
    That they heard you say
    Mother or father, I love you
    And when was the last time
    That they heard you say
    Daughter or son, I love you

    Ones you say you cherish everyday
    Can instantly be taken away
    Then youd say I know this cant be true
    When you never took the time
    To simply tell them I love you

    These three words
    Sweet and simple
    These three words
    Short and kind
    These three words
    Always kindles
    An aching heart to smile inside….

    This song is the real deal. Please people, cherish you love ones. In the days that we are living in…tomorrow isn’t promised.

    Peace and Love, Dee

  30. I LOVE STEVIE WONDER!! I think I am one of the youngest die-hard fans out there! My favorite songs are Summer Soft, Golden Lady, You are the sunshine of my life among many more (not the songs they play over and over again on the radio..lol). I wish music today could speak to so many different emotions like Stevie can.

  31. It’s nice to see so many people loving on Stevie :) You know I had to do an EXTRA long tribute over at Songs In The Key of Life for obvious reasons. LOL! Because of him, I do what I do.

    According to my Top 50 songs list, “As” and Ribbon In The Sky” are my faves. That was HARD to narrow down. There are so many more but I would have to blog in the comments. I chose my faves from SITKOL (outside of As)to spotlight and they were Sir Duke, Do I Do and I Wish.

    Pure genius. Happy Birthday to the 8th Wonder of the World.

    By the way, thanks for stopping by. You have NO idea how right on time that was for many, many reasons. Look forward to your post.

  32. My all time favorite is Purple Raindrops it was the flip side of uptight out of sight.

  33. That’s as well Good, Wow!

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